3 Things Students Need to Know about School Lockers

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Students must learn to use school lockers correctly and responsibly. As a school principal or teacher, it is your duty to make sure that each student knows what is expected of them. Here is some useful information to help you along:

1.  A school locker will be assigned to each student at the beginning of the year

Initially, students might have a hard time locating the locker that has been assigned to them. Teach students to look for landmarks like a water fountain or a clock to help them locate their lockers. Writing down their locker number will also be helpful – they can put it in their wallet or a notebook.

Use different colour doors in different zones

Locker doors are available in different colours including purple, red, blue and yellow. Choosing different colours is a great way to separate the teachers’ lockers from the students’ lockers.

Install door numbers

Door numbers are the obvious way to help a student to remember their locker. Crown Sports Lockers offers 35mm diameter engraved locker door number discs that can be inset into the door face or adhered without insetting. These will help students to locate their lockers with ease.

2. School lockers will be used for storing essentials

Students can utilise lockers by storing gym shoes, books, school supplies and other academic materials. They can bring anything that they need for school and store it safely on the premises. Our student lockers provide a durable storage solution to help protect students’ possessions from damage and theft.

3.  School lockers have a secure locking system

Each student must be taught how to use a combination lock or a latch lock.  It is a good idea to underline the importance of responsibility and accountability when handing them the keys. Lockers have alternative locking systems, both suitable for educational use:

  • Combination lock – this lock has a pin number. Teach the student to set the pin number and ask them to remember it.
  • Latch lock – this lock can either be opened using a key or with a combination code.

Having a locker is a privilege and using it well is a responsibility so you must help students to understand the importance of locker care. Crown Sport Lockers’ School Lockers are designed to your meet your requirements. We can accomplish any modifications and alterations. If you provide the precise details, we will deliver your requests!