3 Worthy Considerations for Improved Washroom Facilities

Mar 1, 2021 | Blog Posts



Washroom areas play a key role in leisure business environments. As a facility that is designed to relieve and refresh your customers, you would be well advised to keep on top of the maintenance and general upkeep.


Whether you are setting up your first washroom or simply planning a revamp, here’s a simple guide to help you with the functionality of your amenities:

Careful Planning

Nothing beats careful planning – especially in washroom areas. Pay close attention to every detail to ensure that the fixtures and fitting fit seamlessly into the available space. Always check the size, dimensions and design before coming up with a final decision.

Form and Function vs. Design

Picking your main washroom facilities (i.e. washroom systems, cubicles, etc.) entirely for their aesthetic appeal might not be the best move. Convenience must always be at the forefront of your final decision. Make sure you pick the right amenities according to their intended use and then try to incorporate the style you want to achieve.

Keep it Simple

This can go a long way in terms of easy maintenance. Keeping it clean and manageable, the upkeep of your facilities will be a lot less hassle.


On the other hand, some might argue that additional amenities such as shower cubicles and vanity units can be really beneficial to the clients. Assuring a convenient and fulfilling experience, extensive facilities can also help to boost your company reputation.


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