5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect School Locker

Mar 1, 2021 | Education

things to consider when choosing school lockers

Are you planning to install school lockers for the first time? Maybe you are preparing to refurbish your existing locker facilities? Deciding on a locker system to perfectly suit your school’s requirements can be a bit of a daunting task if you are unsure of the qualities you should be looking for to tick all the right boxes!

With that in mind, Crown Sports Lockers has put together this simple guide to help you to select the best locker to suit your needs and preferences:


First, determine the purpose of your lockers. Lockers installed in different school facilities vary in designs – like those fitted in corridors, music rooms and changing rooms. By defining the specific function of your lockers, you can better decide on the appropriate design to fully accommodate your requirements.


Planning the precise layout for your locker installation can ensure functionality and convenience for your students and other school personnel. This simple procedure can also show you how to plan the proper lighting and ventilation for your locker facilities.

Locking System

With a wide range of locking systems that you can install – select the option that will be user-friendly, robust and proficient when it comes to lock management.

Some of the locking systems that are common in schools are:

  • Cam locks
  • Combination locks
  • Hasp locks
  • Digital keypad locks


Incorporating different accessories can make all the difference to locker access and easier management:

  • Door numbers and key number tags help students to effortlessly locate their lockers, thus upholding an efficient locker system.
  • A must-have for educational institutions, sloping tops inhibit dust and debris build-up, making it much easier to clean and maintain the lockers. They also prevent items from being placed on top of the lockers – a messy habit that is quite common amongst students.
  • By installing lockers with hanging rails, students can ensure that their coats and uniforms remain neat and crease-free. They also promote space efficiency.


The perfect locker design depends on the specific storage requirements of every student… so it is paramount that you choose wisely!

Locker Tier Options

Achieving a storage solution that works for your students can depend on something as simple as the number of tiers that are included in the lockers.

  • 1–2 tiers will comfortably accommodate coats, clothes, sports equipment and musical instruments.
  • 3–6 tiers will safely store books, school projects, documents and other personal belongings.

Locker Finishes

Pick specific colours and finishes that will complement your school environment. Lockers with aesthetic appeal carry psychological effects that can efficiently boost the students’ productivity, interaction and overall school spirit.

Lockers for Students with Disabilities

For convenient access and easy identification purposes, Crown Sports Lockers will be happy to provide bespoke low-level lockers and lockers with contrasting edges to meet all your specific storage needs.

If you are in need of professional advice, we will be happy to discuss your locker concerns! Dedicated to assisting you throughout the entire process – from consultation to installation – we will work with you to achieve the best locker solutions that contribute towards the day to day schooling environment.