6 Distinctive Features that make Crown Sports’ Changing Room Furniture Stand Out

Mar 1, 2021 | Blog Posts

distinctibe features of our changing room furniture

With more than 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing business, our legacy has helped us build on our outstanding reputation. Completing our work based on the specifications that have been agreed, we deliver all orders on time; ALWAYS leaving the client with a lasting impression.


We have full confidence in our changing room furniture:

Our Furniture is guaranteed to be of High Quality

We only use TOP GRADE TIMBERS in the manufacture of our fine wooden furniture pieces. Through the use of quality materials, we have been internationally recognised by the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System+ – for providing a truly efficient and highly durable product.

Our Furniture is Environmentally-Friendly

Not only are we recognised for our top quality furniture; we are also known for products that have a limited environmental impact. Utilising legally harvested timbers, the wood we use meets the regulations of the Sustainability EU Directive EUTR 995/2010.

Our Furniture is a Sound Investment for the Future

We continue to update our facilities to include the most technologically advanced machinery. This allows us to continuously manufacture efficient, accurate and consistent changing room furniture—serving as a key company investment.

Our Furniture Create a Lasting First Impression

Impressive furniture pieces are what we do best – our company is dedicated to creating one-of a-kind fixtures that help to give businesses a comprehensive boost: there is nothing more appealing than entering a changing room or locker area that is built to perfection!

Our Furniture is made to be Useful

Although our furniture makes a truly impressive feature, remarkably it is built to serve a purpose. Whether a simple island seat or a multipurpose vanity unit, we design everything in a way that allows each space to be fully functional.

Our Furniture can be Custom Made

We give our customers the freedom to personalise their own furniture designs. Custom designs are also welcome!


We would love our changing room furniture pieces to be part of your business! Please call 018 0355 5885 to discuss your requirements and our other bespoke offers.