A Guide to Crown Sports’ Replacement Locker Door Service

Mar 1, 2021 | Blog Posts

replacement locker door service

As a specialist UK manufacturer of wooden changing room furniture, we diligently cover all aspects of our service—including the replacement of wooden locker doors; we supply cost effective solutions that help elude total furniture replacement.

If you are planning to spruce up your lockers, here is a quick and easy guide to our replacement locker door service:

Step 1: We require a sample locker door from the client; to serve as a template for the replacement.

Step 2: When choosing a design, you may select from our standard replacement doors or bespoke replacement doors – bespoke replacement doors are suitable for changing rooms that have a specific theme or for those who have unique requirements.

Step 3: If you opt for our standard offers, they are available in:

  • 18-mm thick wood (choose from oak or American black walnut)
  • With 1-mm ABS high impart edges all around
  • Door height: <600 – 2400 mm
  • Door width: 300 or 400 mm
  • Number engraving option

Step 4: For bespoke replacement doors, we can supply the following:

  • Veneer wooden locker doors
  • Solid frame wooden locker doors
  • Laminate locker doors
  • Solid grade laminate locker doors
  • Other types based on your requirements (subject to minimum order quantities)

Step 5: Replacement parts are also available for both standard and bespoke replacement doors, including:

  • Chrome cable rings
  • Locks: latch, hasp, tumbler cam, etc.
  • Engraved key number tags
  • Key attachment pins
  • Key split rings
  • Many more!

For other parts that cannot be found on our list, just send us an image and we will do our best to fulfil your requirements.

Step 6: After we have received your request, we will create a prototype and send it back for your approval. Once agreed, we will proceed with the manufacturing process.

Step 7: We will deliver your orders within 10 working days after receiving your order, the payment and a template (if required).

For a hassle-free replacement door solution, contact Crown on 01803 555885 with all your enquiries.