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We have locker solutions for all environments including, sports and gym changing room lockers, school lockers, and hygienic lockers for healthcare.

Crown Sports Lockers

About Crown Sports Lockers

For over 30 years we have been designing, manufacturing, and installing premium quality changing rooms, wooden lockers, washrooms, and so much more! As our name suggests, sports lockers are what we started with, but as our experience and knowledge grew, we applied it to everything that surrounds them. Our solutions are pride of place in premises across an ever-increasing list of sector types and environments. Our comprehensive range includes ancillary changing room furniture, seats, vanity stations, mirrors, product display cabinets, costume dryers and wall column cladding. When you include treatment rooms for spas, nail bars, reception areas and washroom systems, you can enjoy the complete service from one expert contractor!
  • N 30 years’ experience
  • N In house design and manufacture
  • N Quality product and installation
  • N Made in Britain
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Crown Sports Lockers

Our products and services

We take great pride about providing lockers and furniture for wet and dry changing rooms to workplaces, schools, and the healthcare sector. Our solutions are available in a selection of finishes, lacquered real timber, painted real timber, laminate, melamine and anti-bacterial. We also provide Corian fabrication, washroom vanities, cubicles, IPS, bench seating and reception desks. Our partners include major hotel groups, independent spas, football clubs, gyms, golf clubs, schools, corporate companies, and healthcare providers.

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