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A huge thank you for all your help and support over the last few months. You have patiently worked with us to give us the best possible product to suit our environment, and we are delighted with the result. I do appreciate the fact that you have used your expertise to guide us in the right direction to ensure the lockers are as functional as possible making the best use of space. The craftsmanship and installation have also been second to none. I will always recommend Crown to my colleagues in the Industry.

Detailed planning and experience derived from hundreds of installations enables us to foresee and mitigate problems before they occur, saving you money and time.

Since 1993 we have been designing, building, and installing changing rooms, treatment rooms, and washrooms, during this time we have built up depth of knowledge that is unrivalled in the UK, we know what works and the pitfalls. We don’t just build lockers; we build all the ancillary furniture, undertake wall cladding everything that goes to make a changing room a luxurious space.

Each project is an individual adventure; every time the bar is raised we jump it, we relish the challenges of making your personal theme a reality and that is the reason Crown is the Company of choice for the discerning; our attention to detail and quality of build and installation is our hallmark.

What else sets us apart from others?

When your initial enquiry is received it will be handled from the outset by a dedicated experienced Project Manager who will see the project through to completion. You will have one point of contact with a person who will know you and your team. We don’t employ sales persons so any advice is not commission driven but in the best interests of achieving the perfect result.

We believe in most cases it is best to meet the client face to face, this way we can see and understand better the premises and the project, from then on we will attend all necessary meetings with your project manager, architect, contractor to ensure that the installation merges and co-ordinates with other trades working on site.

Our bespoke service includes space planning, advice on reliable and suitable locking and hinge systems, materials, appearance, and finishes where there are interfaces. When the specification is finalised we will if necessary build a sample locker for final approval. You will have had samples of materials and we will only commence production when the specification is approved and signed off. No nasty surprises.

Our bespoke changing room products include; lockers, seating, vanity units, mirrors, costume dryer casings, towel stores and dirty towel drops, wall and soffit cladding plus more. For golf clubs we have an additional range of products which include notice boards, scorecard and computer stations.

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For more information on our complete bespoke service click on BESPOKE, or if the project is not to complex you can buy our standard lockers direct from our Online Factory Shop to install yourself.