Office Lockers

Our office locker options seamlessly fit into your work space.

Beech MFC Finish: Office Lockers
Kings School: Office Lockers
lockers with hanging space: Office Lockers
pigeon hole and desk: Office Lockers
pigeon hole: Office Lockers
Sloping top two tier beech lockers: Office Lockers

Office lockers are frequently overlooked but as one of the most essential additions to any office environment, this office furniture will help to keep the area clean and organised; they also make perfect staff room lockers.

Office lockers promote:

  • Additional security
  • Increased safety
  • Increased productivity levels with less clutter on desks
  • Utmost privacy, creating a personal space

With great knowledge and a firm understanding of office environments, the Crown Sports Lockers team creates bespoke and self-install solutions that are made to suit each specific office and commercial space. This ensures that the office lockers perfectly complement the theme and setting providing a good environment.

Wooden Office Lockers

Our office lockers are not purely for organising or storage purposes; they are an elegant piece of office furniture that provides maximum functionality.

As skilled craftsmen, we build wooden lockers from the finest oak to assure durability and stability. Only the best is good enough; everything we design is flawlessly finished.

Ranging from as little as £129.00 to £365.00, our office lockers are also available in BESPOKE or SELF INSTALL alternatives.

Transform your office or commercial space by installing our wooden office lockers; this invaluable office addition will benefit your employees and your company alike. For more information about our products and services, please contact 01803 555885.

Crown Sports Lockers understands the need of every company for an integrated storage solution. Our wooden office lockers might just be your needed ultimate intelligent furnishing.

Buy direct from the factory


For more information on our complete bespoke service click on BESPOKE, or if the project is not to complex you can buy our standard lockers direct from our Online Factory Shop to install yourself.

Genuine top quality all wood lockers for offices, buy direct from UK manufacturer. These woodgrain finish lockers with an integral plinth are the ideal solution when only a few lockers are required because there are no seen external fixing and do not require expensive side cover panel. Perfect solution for staff rooms, surgeries, hospitals, offices and commerce.