School Lockers that Stand the Test of Time

School Lockers


In today’s modern age, wooden lockers are now considered as the go to heavy-duty student locker alternative – providing students with a high-end storage solution that can take on the aggressions of a challenging environment.


With over 20 years’ experience, Crown Sports Lockers has supplied and installed a number of wooden school lockers to various educational premises across the UK – including Nottingham High School and Ibstock Place School.

Lockers to Last at Nottingham High School

A private school in a wide urban area, Nottingham High School has around 1,000 pupils aged between 5 and 18. Given their large locker requirements across a three-floor building, the school decided to refurbish its corridors with new carpets, doors, ceilings and of course, wooden school lockers to replace the old freestanding steel ones.


School lockers installation by Crown Sports Lockers


Measuring 300mm x 400mm and 500mm, the new light oak wooden lockers can be used by pupils in year 7 and above – with a space that is large enough to hold books, bags, boots and football equipment. Complete with skirting, end panels and inclined top panels, the lockers are designed in a way that prioritises student safety.


The lockers are regularly maintained at the end of every summer term to check for possible damage – wherein, the students are required to clear the lockers and remove the padlocks. Durable and with a flawless finish, Nottingham’s wooden school lockers are the perfect fit, demonstrating befitting standards for the students.

Commendable Locker Conditions at Ibstock Place School


School Lockers at Ibstock Place School by Crown Sports Lockers


Light, airy and of a reassuringly good quality – this is how the lockers are best described. An independent co-educational day school for pupils aged from 4 to 18, the school has had single tier wooden lockers installed for the benefit of the students – given their music prowess. Standing at 1.8m high, the lockers are lofty and spacious enough to hold books, student belongings and musical instruments.


With hard-wearing benefits, proper care from the students and regular maintenance has meant that the lockers are still in great condition to this today – with no chips or signs of excessive wear.


Tall School Lockers at Ibstock Place School by Crown Sports Lockers

Crown Sports Lockers has the best Locker Options for Schools

Crown Sports Lockers manufactures school lockers from top-quality wood – as standard procedure. With each wooden locker designed according to the client’s preferences, Crown continues to deliver premium quality locker services.


We remain committed to providing second-to-none locker supplies and installations and these are available at very affordable prices and in a variety of locker options to suit all applications and budgets. By prioritising every client’s locker requirements, you are assured of a fully personalised installation – and we won’t leave you hanging in the process! For further product information or with any enquiries, please call 01803 555885.