Burn Fitness’ Facilities Transformed by Crown Sports Lockers

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Crown Sports Lockers continues to provide top quality services for our highly-respected clients. Through   our specialised bespoke furniture prowess, we have totally transformed the changing rooms and other amenities at Burn Fitness.

Burn Fitness: Your Perfect Workout Partner

Located in the heart of Cleethorpes, North Lincolnshire, Burn Fitness is a leading fitness centre that caters to the leisure and wellbeing needs of the local clientele.

Leisure trends change and Burn Fitness decided to keep up with the game – downsizing its twin-floor gym and replacing it with purely first-floor facilities. What was once a luxury spa and changing room area, is now a re-equipped gym!

More Sports-Specific Training

To further rouse the interest of athletes and gym enthusiasts, Burn Fitness aims to concentrate more on an evolving customer base that demands a more gym-oriented service. Having a refocused vision, they can now cater to triathletes, as well as local cricket and rugby teams.

Trained staff in Nutrition and Physiotherapy can also provide guidance and advice for members who require a record of their fitness goals.

A Peek at What’s New

As Burn Fitness moves into an even more dynamic and adaptive phase, they have expanded upon their offers – from the gym to a range of exercise classes.

The facilities included in the new Burn Fitness complex include:

  • New male and female changing rooms
  • Dry sauna for each changing room
  • Larger spinning area
  • Expanded studio space for Les Mills Grit classes
  • Boxing circuits
  • Fresh wall graphics

Changing Room Facilities

With Crown Sports Lockers as its partner in the transitional project, Burn Fitness is proud to share the exemplary modifications to the changing rooms:

Classic-Looking Changing Rooms

Working closely with architects, CDC, Crown refitted Burn Fitness with fittings that take on a more classic aesthetic – each with a dry sauna, grooming stations, power shower and toilet cubicles. The new changing rooms boast the following amenities and features:

  • Kronospan Tiepolo walnut holdall lockers
  • Matching locker doors fitted with digital locks
  • Benches with hanging space above
  • Cream vanity grooming stations

Matching Power Shower and Toilet Cubicles

To fit the chosen locker room finish, Crown Sports Lockers designed the power shower and toilet cubicles in the same colour scheme. Music is piped through from the gym to set the perfect ambiance!

Dropped Membership Prices

Despite the extensive refurbishment project, Burn Fitness has decided to cut their membership fees – to a fixed monthly rate of £19.99 for a year’s membership or £35 for joint membership.

While the rebrand might have stirred a little confusion with the members – as some had a hard time getting to grips with their four-digit locking code – the overall response has been overwhelmingly positive. Proof that every penny spent was indeed a worthy investment!

You too can have your facilities revamped! Whether it’s a new set of lockers or changing room furniture that you opt for, Crown Sports Lockers can confidently achieve your requirements. Please call 01803 555885 to discuss your project further.