Characteristics of an Exemplary Changing Room

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Privacy, convenience and comfort are just some of the main characteristics that a changing room should convey.

We have provided a short list that includes some of the most important elements that need to be considered to assure a copiously functional changing room experience:

Well-implemented guidelines

Keeping the clients aware of your company policies can promote the proper conduct. For instance, implementing a ‘Clean as You Go’ policy can help maintain a clutter-free area for everyone – no matter what time of the day or evening they arrive.

Quality security system

Security systems should instil confidence and provide safety assurances – this doesn’t stop at facilities with durable locks; it should also include the strict policies that are regulated within your establishment.

Sufficient space for every user

A spacious changing room provides many benefits:

  • Letting your guests move around more freely
  • Allowing each guest to enjoy their own personal space
  • Increasing security measures

Space is an important element in user-friendly changing room designs – it must be applied appropriately.

Proper ventilation

Changing rooms can attract horrid odours due to sweat, moisture and humidity – even with regular cleaning.

Proper ventilation can help to eradicate the musty aroma while allowing fresh air to circulate; thus maintaining a healthy atmosphere.

Exceptional layout and design

A carefully considered layout will assure free flowing traffic within the changing room; for the ultimate comfort and convenience of your guests.

Charged with a very important task, changing room designs can affect the mood – so the smaller details really do count. Consider the lighting, colours and locker finishes as they can greatly influence the overall ambiance.


Whether for spa or gym facilities, the amenities are essential to the user experience. Valuable features like changing room seating units, flat screen TV, towels, bath robes and costume dryer cabinets can help to promote luxury surroundings befitting of the finest establishments.

Crown Sports Lockers can help you to transform your changing rooms; with clever planning and our opulent fixtures and fittings. We are efficient locker and changing room solution specialists – with quality changing room furniture that will create a lasting impression! With any enquiries, please contact 01803 555885 and speak to the experts today.