Corking idea calms key management qualms

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Leisure club operators may have to manage several hundred changing room lockers – all with traditional locks and keys.

Guests and members can all too easily mislay them when using facilities, especially ones that include pools.

That’s a real headache for managers – one reason why some turn to digital locking. But these can present their own issues.

Smart thinking at lavish Lincombe Hall Hotel, Torquay, where owners the Powis family have just opened a luscious £2m spa to boost its already 4-star status, has put an end to such worries.

They specified cork key fobs for every locker in the male and female changing rooms. If they slip out when guests are taking the waters, the keys bob on the surface, clearly visible, rather then sinking out of sight.

“It’s a novel solution to an age-old issue,” says Sam Palmer, Project Manager of changing room specialists Crown Sports Lockers, who manufactured and installed the bespoke wet changing areas at Lincombe Hall.

“Key losses can become a real bugbear for operators, and a costly one, but the hotel’s corking idea adds fresh appeal to traditional lock and key security.”

Locker security may be traditional with a twist but the high-end specification, featuring interior décor, designs and innovative use of artwork, lighting and imagery by consultancy Ashton House Design, is anything but.