Crown Sports Lockers’ Furniture Installation with SPAshell

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A tested and proven bespoke wooden furniture expert, Crown Sports Lockers has yet again demonstrated its manufacturing flexibility with SPAshell – a modular spa concept by Alistair Johnson, director of business and design consultancy, Spa Creators.

As a joint design venture between Crown and Spa Creators’ project managers, the installation of high-end furniture took only 16 weeks to finish – an astonishing turnaround for investors and interested business parties.

SPAshell: Britain’s First Modular Spa Building

SPAshell is a high specification spa concept gestated by Spa Creators founder and MD, Alistair Johnson. This transformational development in spa design aims to provide the perfect turnkey solutions for various boutique hotels and other corporate businesses.

First installed at Fishmore Hall, a boutique hotel situated in Ludlow, Shropshire, the off-site facility was operational just days after the furniture installation last November – a satisfyingly efficient and convenient service for hotel owner, Laura Penman.

State-of-the-art Fittings

Available in four and eight-bed treatment room operations, the modular spa facility has plans to provide larger alternatives to cater to the increasing demand. Currently, they are equipped with the following interior fittings:

  • Reception and lounge areas
  • Fitted kitchen
  • Integral sauna and steam room
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Treatment rooms
  • Tiling, plumbing and electrics

High-end Installation

Although focused on solutions for boutique hotels, SPAshells’ facilities set the perfect spa ambience that can be enjoyed by everyone who longs for a relaxing and luxurious experience:

  • Electric underfloor heating
  • Integrated sound system
  • Programmed lighting

Crown Sports Lockers: Fast and Fine Furniture Installation

Crown Sports Lockers played a part in SPAshell’s furniture installation – from the initial design, to the ocular visit and finally to the manufacturing of the furniture itself, we ensure that we are hands on throughout the project. Considered by Crown’s Project Manager, Sam Palmer, as a smooth-flowing project, the modular building was finished in good time.

SPAshell Furniture Installation

Crown Sports Locker’s furniture installations include:

  • Wet and dry combined vanity units
  • Nail bar and retail display with pull-out counter for nail treatments
  • Bespoke reception desk with feature laminated panel detail
  • Staff kitchen and desk
  • Seating units with storage below in the docking pods
  • Treatment room fittings – complete with cupboards, pull-out therapists’ trolleys and Corian worktops

The Partnership between SPA Creators and Crown

With Crown’s quick and creative grasp of this very first SPAShell project, plans are already underway for the next collaboration.  Crown Sports Lockers is true to their craft, assuring quality bespoke installation, on time and on budget!


Wooden furniture for leisure businesses is one of the areas in which we excel! With bespoke furniture gestated by our experienced project manager and created by our skilled craftsmen, our furniture is always of a superior standard.

We are delighted to have been part of this SPAShell project. If you are interested in introducing your own bespoke facilities, wooden lockers and other functional fixtures into your business environment, we would be glad to discuss your requirements with you!