Crown Sports Lockers Revamps Lenzie Golf Club’s Locker Room

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Committed to providing an exemplary service, Crown Sports Lockers doesn’t just design lockers. With the help of our dedicated project managers, we also specialise in room refurbishments – ensuring that every modification is integrated flawlessly into the finished theme.

To prove our expertise, here’s a peek at one of our more recent renovation projects – Lenzie Golf Club’s Locker Rooms.

To keep up with the modern day golfing enthusiasts requirements, Lenzie Gold Club in North East Glasgow needed to update their facilities to be more in line with the growing needs of its members. They decided to do some major refurbishments that would particularly concentrate on the redesigning of the golf club’s male locker room.

LGC’s Old Locker Room: Tired and Uninviting

Lenzie's Old Male Locker Room

Prior to the locker room’s revamp, LGC accommodated the members’ needs with 360 steel lockers – these were mostly no longer fit for purpose. With insufficient locker capacity, there was hardly any room for personal belongings and modern golf equipment – a major concern that had to be addressed.

Dim Lighting and Tight Spaces

Before LGC decided to push through with the refurbishment, large lockers loomed over an inhibited locker room space. This affected the area’s lighting, leaving a cold and dark facility.

Redesigning LGC: The Crown Sports Lockers Way

Redesigning Lenzie's Male Locker Room

To assist LGC with the refurbishment process, Crown’s Project Manager, Spencer Grimwood helped with the renovation process – with an inspiring functional locker room design to reflect today’s modern game.

To replace the dull and dated steel lockers, Crown Sports Lockers provided quality wooden golf lockers that transformed the area in an instant – producing a more calming and relaxing environment that is more befitting of the modern clubhouse.

Warm Light Oak Golf Lockers and Proper Locker Configuration

Warm Lockers

Designed to meet the demands of a quality golf locker, we installed 220 light oak wooden lockers that are not only more spacious – to accommodate the members’ golf equipment and personal belongings – they also totally transformed the locker room’s atmosphere. With attractive shaker-style doors and flush veneer centres, these lockers gave life to what was once a dank locker room environment.

To complete the lockers’ functionality and for the utmost security, the golf lockers were fitted with cam locks and the visitor’s holdall bag lockers were fitted with coin-operated locks which take the new 12-sided £1 coin.

Energy Efficient Lighting and Improved Layout

Improved Layout

More than the freshly refurbished lockers, the locker room’s new energy efficient lighting and user-friendly layout are so pleasing to the eye and there is an immediate sense of comfort and style when you enter the room. The supplementary bench seating and wardrobe hanging space also add to the room’s overall feel and functionality – the members of Lenzie Golf Club couldn’t wait to use the new facility!

The new locker room fixtures have continued to earn positive feedback from the members. For us, Crown Sports Lockers are delighted to showcase our expertise in another successful revamping project.

If you are interested in improving your golf club’s amenities or if you would like to purchase new locker room fixtures and fittings, please contact 01803 555885 to experience the Crown Sports difference!