Crown Sports Lockers’ Spa Locker Solutions

Mar 1, 2021 | Hotel & Spa

spa lockers solutions


An effective way to ensure customer satisfaction in a relaxing spa environment is to provide finite and well-polished changing room facilities. Crown Sports Lockers provides high quality wooden lockers that are suitable for your spa and hotel changing rooms.

We can furnish locker doors in line with your theme

Always striving to meet or even exceed your expectations, our wooden lockers are created to be naturally versatile. Perfect for various settings… we can provide locker doors that are attuned with your spa’s ambiance.

We can customise your seating units

One way to optimise your facilities is to include customised pull-out seating units for your guests; these are space saving, convenient and also vastly appealing!

We provide full length hanging height

Our full length hanging space can help keep garments crease-free and neatly organised!

We offer user-friendly lock options

With a wide range of lock options to choose from (key locks, coin return lock, card lock and latch lock), all our systems are easy to use; ensuring optimal convenience and ultimate security for your guests.

We accommodate specialised spa treatment room provisions

Our plinth systems, ceiling closures and wall and pillar cladding can help achieve the precise locker finish that you are looking for; ensuring an impeccably furnished spa room.


We also offer a wide selection of spa changing room amenities, including reception areas and washroom systems. Crown Sports Lockers… the one-stop solution for all your changing room furniture needs!