Crown Sports Lockers’ Student Locker Accessories

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Lockers help us to store and secure our personal belongings. They serve as an organiser, making sure that the limited functional space is maximised.

Whether for replacement purposes or for new lockers, Crown Sports Lockers provides various Student Locker accessories:

1.  Plinth System

Plinth systems enable faster and easier locker installations, counteracting any undulations in the floor and keeping the lockers level. They also lift the lockers in wet floor areas.

Crown Sports Lockers offers two plinth systems:

  • The ladder construction plinth is used for larger installations
  • The adjustable plastic leg is employed for smaller installations

Both styles are complete with a tiled or similar decorative and protective fascia.

Plinth System

2.  Locker End Panels

Our locker end panels with decorative wood finishes can be fixed to the locker sides at the open ends of 1800mm high lockers.  Locker end panels improve and increase aesthetic appeal and they can also serve as wall decorations that will improve the safety level of your wall.

3.  Engraved Key Number Tag

An engraved key number tag will help students to take care of their keys, helping to reduce the risk of loss. We supply robust engraved key number tags to attach to locker keys. We also supply blank key tags for engraved numbers with a minimum order of 100 pieces per pack.

4.  Key Split Ring

Chrome key split rings can hold different types of keys and can be used to connect keys to other key split rings or key chains.

5.  Engraved Locker Door Number Disc

Locker number plates are used for identification purposes. They can help students locate their lockers with ease. Our beautifully engraved, 35mm diameter locker door number discs can be easily installed – inset into the locker door face or adhered without insetting.

6.  Replacement Locker Keys

Losing your keys can be stressful but replacement locker keys will instantly solve your problems. Replacement locker keys will be provided and an additional set will be included for emergency purposes, in case the owner of the key is not present and a member of staff needs to open the locker.

We offer replacement locker keys for the following:

  • Lowe & Fletcher
  • Assa

7.  Captive Coat Hanger

We supply anti-theft coat hangers with a minimum order of 50 units. To prevent theft, our captive coat hangers are securely hooked onto rings on the hanging rails. We want to make sure that the students can hang their coats, shirts, blouses or extra uniforms without the worry that their clothes will crease.

We provide two kinds of captive coat hangers:

  • Plastic Captive Coat hanger
  • Wooden Captive Coat hanger

8.  Black Escutcheon for Lock Barrel

An escutcheon is a decorative plate that protects the keyhole or lock cylinder. It is usually part of a lockset. Our black escutcheons are used for coin operated lock barrels, ensuring that student lockers (especially the locks) will be protected from any damage from coins or other materials.

Crown Sports Lockers must be your first choice. Our lockers have been tested for durability and they exceed the requirements of BS EN 16121:2013 and BS 12150-1:2000.  All our locker accessories are available whenever you need them. Just call us on 01803 555885 for enquiries!