Crowns Sports Lockers conforms to the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act)

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Before refurbishing your changing room, it is worth keeping in mind the requirements of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act).

The DDA enforces a duty on employers and service providers, to make reasonable adjustments that will help people with disabilities to overcome obstacles that they might face or experience in accessing products or services.

One of the main activities covered by the DDA is:

Access to and use of goods, facilities and services including access to public buildings, shops and leisure facilities and to healthcare, housing and transport”

Crown Sports offers the following products and services for people with disabilities:

Low Level Lockers

People with disabilities might not be able to reach the handle or lock of a standard full height locker. Our Junior Lockers offer the same ease of use as our full height lockers and can be used by wheelchair users and those who have difficulty reaching high places. These lockers are accessible, convenient and manageable.

We offer the following locker features:

  • Lockers are 0.4 to 1.3 metres high for both children and disabled users
  • Locker locks are positioned 1.15 metres maximum above ground level. People with disabilities will be able to operate the locks with ease.
  • Full height lockers can store mobility aids like artificial limbs, crutches and callipers. The exact size of our full height locker will be 1.8 metres high and 0.4 metres wide.

Locks that are Easy to Use

We offer easy access locks to accommodate people with impaired hand function. Our locking options range from simple latch locks to electronic devices:

  • Card Lock – simply slide the card into the back of the lock to open to the locker door.
  • Latch Lock – just like using a mechanical fastener, this lock allows for the easy opening and closing of lockers.
  • Digilock Key Pad Entry Lock – electronically driven, this lock has buttons that can be pressed easily. By typing in the correct pin code the door can be opened. If the pin code is forgotten, there is a management key that can be used.
  • Ojmar OCS Touch Lock – one of our digital keypad entry locks, it can be programmed for either personal or day locker use. It also has buttons that can be pressed for easy access.

Lockers for the Visually Impaired

Crown Sports Lockers offers lockers with edging in contrasting colours. Our locks and lockers have visible and embossed numbers that can be read with ease.  For those who are visually impaired or have total sight loss or for those suffering with dementia who might have difficulty identifying where one locker starts and another ends, the colour contrast uses bright colours that reflect light, making them easy to see.  Lockers with contrasting edging can also look cool and funky.

Lockers with Extra Storage Space

Our bespoke services include advice on reliable and appropriate locking and hinge systems, materials, appearance and finishes. For lockers with extra storage space, simply provide us with the exact specifications and we will build a locker to fulfil your requirements!  You can customise your lockers to deliver the required storage that can be used to store prosthetics, walking aides and crutches.

Do keep in mind that when you provide us with exact specifications, it is advised that the lockers should be set at heights between 0.45m and 0.9m and at a width of at least 0.3m. A section of lockers should be 0.4m wide to accommodate sports bags.

Also remember that 10% of the lockers should be at ‘full-height’, at least 1.8m high to accommodate mobility aids.

As the ideal changing room furniture for your buildings, shops or leisure facilities, our lockers can be designed to serve and improve the daily routines and activities of people with disabilities. For more information, you can call us on 01803 555885.