Differences between a Standard Student Locker and a Bespoke Student Locker

Mar 1, 2021 | Education

standard vs bespoke

Standard Student Locker (Lockers for Schools)

Our standard lockers are already complete with locking and hinge system, locker doors, detailed door sizes and locker bodies. These accessories come as standard but we will try to cater to any alterations to meet your specifications – N.B. some changes will incur additional costs. Our standard student lockers include:

  • 1 Tier School Locker
  • 2 Tier School Locker
  • 3 Tier School Locker
  • 4 Tier School Locker

Bespoke Student Locker

Bespoke student lockers are crafted to suit client specifications; which can include options such as a sloping top. The process will begin with space planning, after which we will give advice on reliable and appropriate locking and hinge systems, materials and appearance.  All you have to do is:

  • Give us your requirements
  • Choose your locking and hinge systems and locker doors from our proven and reliable selection
    • Master keyed cam locks – suitable for either wet or dry areas
    • Hasp locks – cost-effective locking solutions that require padlocks
    • Combination locks and keypad pin number lock – feature a keyless system that enhances the privacy and convenience of your students
    • RF locks – these are operated with smart chips that can be embedded on ID cards, key fobs and the like


Both Standard and Bespoke Lockers

Both our standard and bespoke student lockers are manufactured to the same high standards; with top quality materials and fixtures. We can easily make any alterations with Computer Assisted Design (CAD) machines. With outstanding and specialised manufacturing facilities that have been designed to meet the different operating requirement, you can always rely on our exacting standards.