Different Types of Changing Room Seating Units from Crown Sports Lockers

Mar 1, 2021 | Blog Posts

changing room seating units

Guests appreciate a proper area for prepping themselves pre-workout and freshening up post-workout. Aside from the standard locker room essentials, another great amenity that leisure businesses should consider adding to their changing area is seating units:

Island Style Seats

Island style seating comprises standalone units that are accessible from all sides; they have no back support. They are usually available in bespoke orders to match the exact theme of your existing changing room decor.

Seats of this type are perfect for leisure businesses including spas, hotels and leisure clubs.

Locker and Wall Seats

If your changing room area is limited in space, locker and wall seats are the most practical seating solution. Choose from a cantilevered construction with a clear floor space below, a conventional leg construction or a seat with or without storage compartments; this will save more space, thus ensuring a comfortable and accessible area – a solution for all needs

Tip: To maximise your changing room space, you can use our modified legless seats with added storage – these will also make floor cleaning duties much easier.

Seats with Garment Rail

Usually double sided, seats with garment rails are often set in the middle of the changing room: they are specifically designed to be multipurpose – serving as a seat, shoe storage and a hanging unit. These useful units are commonly used in golf and country clubs and in gyms.


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