Digital Locks: Your Key to Better Locker Management

Mar 1, 2021 | Blog Posts

Digital Locks: Your Key to Better Locker Management

More than simplified locker management, digital locks have a lot of advantages that manual locks just don’t cover. From ease of access to elegant designs, digital locks can transform your locker rooms with their unique features and user-friendly benefits!

Outright Convenience

Since they can be opened via a keypad, card or activated wristband, digital locks eliminate the need to carry around a locker key… so, that’s one less thing to lose!

Increased Security

Compared to traditional locks that can be forced, digital locks are more difficult to infiltrate. This assures greater security benefits, thus assuring customer peace of mind.

As one of the most secured digital locks today, the Digilock Axis is a smart design that demonstrates advanced security features:

  • IP55 rated locking system
  • Built-in audit trail
  • Dual functionality – allowing it to be individually assigned or shared

Solution to Key Loss

Some clubs in the UK lose as many as 50 keys every month. With digital keypad locks, you won’t need to worry about another missing key; simply memorise the four-digit access code!

Lower Maintenance Costs

Compared with missing keys and broken locks, the annual battery replacement for digital locks makes them a much more cost efficient solution.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Less complicated and convenient to use, digital locks have a simple yet elegant finish that is fit for the modern age… and our recent installations at CYC-D fitness studio and Burn Fitness’ changing room lockers are proof indeed!

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