End of Trip Lockers

Wooden lockers designed, manufactured and installed for businesses in the UK and overseas, to encourage your employees and your business to follow a ‘green’ ethos.

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End of Trip Facilities

End of Trip Lockers are more in demand than ever, due to the number of people striving to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst taking care of their health and wellbeing.

With employees leaving their car at home, refusing public transport and choosing to either run, walk or cycle to work, businesses who want to contribute to their own ‘green’ environmental ethos are providing facilities to support this lifestyle choice.  Benefits to employers can also include less staff sickness, as mental health of employees can also be greatly improved.

Crown Sports Lockers design, manufacture and install wooden lockers ‘in-house,’ either to a standard design or bespoke, to allow your employees to change on arrival/departure and store kit such as active-wear, trainers, washbags and clean clothes etc.  In addition to wooden lockers, we can also provide integral bench seating and washrooms if requested.

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Crown Sports Lockers

Workplace Lockers & Changing Facilities

Workplace lockers for ‘end-of-trip’ commuting can be produced in a range of finishes, including woodgrain or a plain colour, which can be selected to match or complement your décor or branding, finished off with matching, machine applied ABS edging. 

To ensure maximum security, a variety of locking mechanisms can be fitted, including digital keypads, padlocks, combination locks, digital RFID locks and digital RFID networked locks.

Crown Sports Lockers have other products available to enhance your end of trip lockers, such as shoe storage compartments, coat hooks, hanging rails, mirrors and in-locker device chargers. All lockers are ventilated via a grille at the rear, as lockers are inset by 15mm, allowing for free air movement.  You will be assigned a Project Manager who will liaise with you throughout the duration of the works, from design, right through to completion, to oversee the process.

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Crown Sports Lockers

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For more information regarding our end of trip lockers or any additional products, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01803 555885, or email us by completing our contact form.  We also offer office lockers & hot desk lockers, staffroom lockers, workplace lockers, PPE lockers and locker storage walls.

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