Facts about Crown Sports Lockers – The Perfect Changing Room Furniture

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Lockers are tasked with holding personal belongings for safety and convenience purposes. First and foremost they should be functional, although lockers can also add an attractive feature to any room. It is important that you understand the wooden locker basics so that you may take full advantage of their many features, so here are some important facts about Crown Sports Lockers – the perfect changing room furniture:

Crown Sports lockers can be used in various establishments

Crown Sports Lockers’ wooden lockers are typically found in health and fitness centres, offices, schools, golf clubs, sports clubs and spas. A timber locker adds a pleasing aesthetic, injecting warmth, character and sophistication into any room. Crown Sports Lockers can be perfectly installed in wet or dry areas.

Crown Sports Lockers’ wooden lockers and complementary furniture require the correct maintenance and cleaning procedures. Here are some of the lockers we offer, together with their appropriate installation location:

  • Standard Wooden Office Locker Range: (Dry Floor)
  • Standard Wooden Personal Locker Range. (Wet or Dry Floor)
  • Standard School / Sloping Top Wooden Locker Range (Wet or Dry Area)
  • Standard Golf Bag Storage Wooden Lockers (Dry Area)

Crown Sports Lockers should not be subjected to sustained contact with water

If the floor needs cleaning, do not be tempted to use low or high pressure hoses. Hoses can cause overspray and water might splash back onto the locker which could damage the lacquer finish.  Should any water come into contact with the locker, immediately wipe away with a clean, soft and dry cloth to prevent any lasting damage.

Crown Sports lockers are not suitable for use in high volume swimming pools

Our lockers are not suitable for high volume swimming pool areas where the inevitable contact with water will demand a tight cleaning schedule and regular maintenance program.

Take full advantage of Crown Sports lockers and continue to present a pleasing and functional environment for your customers to enjoy.