Frequently asked questions about our wooden lockers.

Crown Sports Lockers

Frequently asked questions

We hold a wealth of knowledge in changing room solutions and can assist you with any questions or queries you may have. Over our years of experience in creating changing spaces, locker rooms, and more, we are often asked the same questions. To assist you further we have included some useful information below in this FAQ section, which we hope will assist you in finding the right product for your requirements. We have included everything from delivery information to the durability of our products, created in an easy to view format, to answer all of your questions.

If you are not able to find the information you want, then please call us on 01803 555885 and we will be delighted to assist you.

How durable and strong are the lockers?

Time is our proof, we have thousands of installations going back to when we first commenced in 1993 which are still in excellent working order and appearance; good housekeeping helps!

What is the difference between an office locker and other lockers?

An office locker has a woodgrain body with no visible external fittings and an integral plinth. It is most suited where there are there are a few lockers or individually placed lockers because it does not require expensive side show panels. If you require a larger number of lockers our other ranges will be more cost effective, ask for further advice.

How secure is the locker?

No locker is 100% secure when attacked by a determined miscreant, however a Crown Sports Locker is robustly constructed and has purpose designed lock plate 2mm thick, secured by 4 screws which will resist all but the most forceful attack. It takes considerable force which creates considerable noise to break in, after one attempt they will almost certainly move on to easier targets. See our hooked cam which is standard on all our mechanical locks.

What are my locker door hinge options?

Our standard hinge is a 110 degree Salice clip on hinge mounted on to a cast plate with two way cam adjustment. Unlike a screw on hinge it does not work loose causing the doors to drop and not close correctly. We also use a 170 degree hinge in certain circumstance. Other hinges are used depending upon the application and material. All have proven reliability.

How is the locker ventilated?

Every Crown locker has its own ventilation through a grille in the back of the locker, this back is set in 15mm allowing free air movement.

Can I have a hanging rail for a coat hanger in my locker?

The Crown bespoke range of lockers designed for clothes hanging come fitted with a non- removable hanging rail and anti-theft coat hanger. Additional hangers can be ordered.

The Crown standard range of lockers has the option of a coat rail and ant-theft hanger.

Is there a coat hook in the locker?

All lockers including our Standard Range Lockers which are suitable for hanging clothes have a chrome double coat hook.

Can I have additional compartments in my locker?

With a Crown bespoke locker you can a whole range of accessories and fitments including shoe shelves, compartments, drawers, mirrors, tie racks and additional coat hooks.

If the locker body is made of melamine board can I have a matching end panel?

Yes, end panels would come as part of a bespoke locker installation, and they are available as an accessory in the Standard locker ranges.

What happens where the lockers meet at an internal angle?

In a bespoke locker installation we would fit an internal corner post to close the gap in the corner which is necessary for the locker doors to open correctly. Corner posts are available in the Standard Ranges as an accessory.

How is the top of the locker finished?

A rectangular cap is fitted to the tops of the lockers with the option of a more traditional style cornice, sometimes a complete closure panel is fitted up to the ceiling, with or without uplight trough.

Do I need a plinth or kick board?

The dry area office locker has an integral plinth built into the locker. It is recommended all other lockers are mounted on a plinth. The plinth can be of a waterproof ply ladder construction; this system provides a level base to mount the lockers. If they are level the door alignment will be correct, it also provides a water barrier from a wet floor. An alternative option is to use adjustable plastic legs as use in kitchen installations.

The fascia of the kick plinth can be finished with tiles or similar to match the floor finish, or could be of wood, laminate or any other durable finish. For special effect LED downlights can be fitted to the underside of the locker to illuminate the plinth face.

Do you make products other than lockers?

Yes, our name Crown Sports Lockers is somewhat misleading but it is well known within the industry as the leading wooden locker and changing room manufacturer in the UK. Our other products are washroom systems, residential school furniture, Corian fabrication, hotel bedroom furniture and other panel products plus a contract spray finishing facility.

Why can’t I complete my purchase online?

When you submit your order we need to discuss it with you to ensure you have the correct product for your requirement and all the components you need for a successful conclusion. Lockers are bulky items and cannot be left on a pavement so we need to make delivery arrangements to suit you. When this has been done we can determine delivery cost and then take payment by BACS, credit card or cheque. All part of our personal service.

Can I buy lockers off the shelf from stock?

No, even our standard range lockers are manufactured to order.

How are the lockers delivered?

This will depend upon the quantity and other factors. In general the standard lockers which are sold on a supply only basis will arrive by pallet tailgate delivery but if a sufficient quantity would be by dedicated vehicle.

How long before I get my lockers?

With our standard ranges of lockers our aim is to get them to you within 10 working days. With bespoke lockers once the specification has been finalised and signed off we would have advised you of the time which would depend upon the specification which would probably involve non-stock materials which would have to be ordered in.

Can I fit the lockers myself?

Any competent DIY person or kitchen fitter could successfully install the lockers. Our helpful team are on hand to answer any questions.

Will you fit my lockers?

Yes, we have experienced installation teams that will install the lockers.

Will you design my locker room?

This is normally a part of our bespoke lockers service, but depending on the complexity of your project we are able to provide assistance when our standard ranges of lockers are to be used.

Are the lockers flatpacked?

No, the locker bodies are factory assembled but require the locks and doors to be fitted to the locker bodies.

Why are the doors and locks not fitted at the factory?

The locker bodies are transported on pallets and do not require individual protective wrapping thus reducing the cost of both the packaging and the package disposal cost.