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Football club changing solutions

Are you a football club looking to beat the competition with not only your team’s skill but also your facilities? We specialise in providing football changing rooms and football lockers to clubs that are looking to provide a hygienic, stylish, and fully functional environment to their players and officials. Providing a bespoke and personalised service to football clubs, we have the knowledge and experience to create football club changing rooms that set us above all the rest.

Whether you are looking to refurbish pre-existing football changing rooms or to create a new clubhouse, we at Crown Sports Lockers can offer you the perfect solution. With specialist designers, and build teams with a reputation second to none, we offer so much more than just football lockers, from wet rooms to bespoke storage solutions of any size.

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We create more than just football lockers

Over our time we have worked with a countless number of football clubs in their quest to improve their changing and dressing room facilities. Many clubs opt for a complete refurbishment of their wet and dry changing environments, including medical rooms, physio rooms, and even spectator facilities. We offer a completely bespoke solution to football clubs needs, with a project manager enlisted from the start to help steer them in the best possible direction.

Whilst our football lockers are a pride of place in football clubs across the country, we have a range of services to fully revitalize any changing room environment. With visiting clubs often making use of your facilities it is important to offer a functional and practical area, that will create envy amongst them. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your football club changing area with our lockers and furniture.

Football clubs bench seating

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Football changing rooms and bench seating go hand in hand.  That is why we specialise in creating bench seating that ideally suits your club. Whatever the size of your football club, you are sure to have a large number of players utilising the changing room at the same time. Correctly employing bench seating can minimise safety issues in an often wet and slippery environment. Through our experience in creating football dressing rooms, we can make the most of your given space with bench seating.

Football club washrooms

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Whether you are seeking to improve your changing room washroom facilities or looking to reenvisage your spectator facilities, we have the experience to help you get the best result.

As with all our offerings to the leisure industry, our football club washrooms are designed with you in mind, utilising space in the most functional way possible. As experienced designers, manufacturers, and installers of commercial washrooms, we excel in creating club washrooms that give a long-lasting impression.

Vanity units for club dressing rooms

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Long gone are the days when football club changing rooms contained only a basic level of comfort and functionality. We know the importance of giving players and spectators alike, amenities and facilities that they would come to expect at any leisure venue. We can create vanity units for use in football club changing rooms that will help towards the goal of increasing player loyalty and showcase your facilities to visitors.

Available in countless finish options, our vanity units enable you to carry your club branding throughout your clubhouse facilities.

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Towel storage units

If you are looking for a solution to storing items such as towels, we can create bespoke furniture additions to fit your needs. Wooden storage items such as towel storage units help with keeping things tidy but allow you to offer a greater level of convenience to players and officials. Items such as our towel storage units can be created in several finishes and materials, allowing you to carry your football club colours through your changing areas.

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Changing cubicles

Our changing cubicles are creating to the same highest standards of all of our changing room lockers, using woods and finishes that excel in durability. Whatever the size and layout of your football club facilities, we can create changing cubicles of all shapes and sizes, giving you a solution to any privacy needs and demands. With a dedicated project manager, you can be sure of receiving knowledgable support to successfully achieve your goal.

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Additional information for football clubs

To find out more about how we at Crown Sports Lockers can help support your football club changing and dressing room needs, please contact us on 01803 555885, or email us via our contact form.


Everyone is delighted with the all-round high quality.

Everyone is delighted with the all-round high quality of the installation, which reaches the standards we are striving to achieve throughout the club.

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Football club project

Crystal Palace FC

Football Changing Rooms - Crystal Palace - Crown Sports Lockers

Crown Sports Lockers was brought in to carry out works at Crystal Palace FC. Manufacturing and installing bespoke lockers with a walnut finish.

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