General Rules When Using School Lockers

Mar 1, 2021 | Education

It is vitally important for schools to develop policies that will take care of their students and other school facilities, including lockers. As a luxury item, it is expected that students will treat lockers with respect:

Students should never share their combination with another student

Combination locks are offered to students in order to guarantee the protection of personal items. Students should never share their combination with another student, since the school will not be accountable for any loss or damage of items inside the lockers. Large sums of money or valuables should never be stored in lockers.

Students should never share their combination with another student

Crown Sports Lockers offers Lowe and Fletcher combination locks which are a popular choice for school lockers. Of smart appearance, they will not damage the adjoining locker’s door face when 270 degree door hinges are fitted. Forgotten your password…? A key operated override feature will open the locker.

Students will be responsible for any damage or the loss of locks

Students will be responsible for the cost of any necessary repair work, along with lost or damaged locks/keys. Crown Sports Lockers’ locker bodies are tough, durable and strong. Available in different colours and with various wood grain finishes, the melamine finish makes them scratch and water resistant and able to withstand general wear and tear.

Should any water come into contact with the locker it should be wiped away immediately with a clean, soft and dry cloth to prevent any lasting damage.

School lockers will be inspected by the school on a regular basis

School lockers are the property of the school. They have the right to inspect and open the locker at any time. Students are expected to keep lockers clean and free from damage and they should avoid bringing items that are not needed on school premises.

Some of our lockers are designed with a hole in the door for the lock barrel. This helps to avoid the lock from being forcibly rotated, thus releasing the cam from the lock slot. If an attempt is made, the hook is controlled by the plate, preventing lateral movement. This is a vital security feature that reduces theft and unauthorised entry.

It is the responsibility of the student to take note of the locker clearance date

Lockers are intended to assist students with their daily school activities. In return, students should keep their lockers clean and organised. They must have a sense of ownership and respect not only their own locker but everyone else’s too.