Get Ready for the Transition with Crown’s Coin Operated Locks

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Get Ready for the Transition with Crown's Coin Operated Locks

With the new £1 coin becoming legal tender from March, Crown Sports Lockers can help you adapt to the change – our classic coin locks can take the old and the new £1 coin.

The New £1 Coin: A Change for the Better

To address the problem of counterfeits, the Royal Mint cleverly designed a 12-sided £1 coin that promises to be the most secure coin in the world.

State-of-the-art Design

The new coin reflects the UK’s heritage – proudly displaying English flora within a royal coronet on the flip-side, with the fifth coin portrait of Her Majesty on the ‘heads’ side.

Hidden High Security Feature

More than its distinctive shape and bimetallic design, the new coin boasts a high security feature that promises a greater level of protection – to prevent future counterfeiting issues.

Crown Sports Lockers and the £1 Coin Transition

Prepare for the change by ensuring that your coin-operated lockers undergo the necessary overhaul. Using only the latest lock equipment technology, we can quickly replace or convert your existing coin locks to suit your required operations.

Locks Designed to Fit both the Old and New

With coin locks that are ready for the co-circulation period, we ensure that our systems can cater to both the old and the new £1 coins – these can easily be converted from coin return to coin retain.

Easy Coin Locks Conversion

You may opt to let us convert your existing coin locks or you may prefer to try our easy conversion kits – for in-house modifications.

Low-Cost e-Lite Coin Locks

For a more cost-effective upgrade, you can go for economical e-Lite coin locks for your changing room lockers – these are also designed to operate with both the old and the new coin.

Keypad or RFIz`D Digital Locks

As an alternative, you could upgrade to a coinless lock mechanism for a more convenient transition. Including RFID digital locks and other keypad options, Crown Sports Lockers can upgrade your lockers to suit your requirements.

Crown Sports Lockers insists on delivering unprecedented customer service – our second-to-none locker equipment services will help you to embrace the new £1 coin! With any enquiries about our flexible coin locks and other lock types, please call 01803 555885.