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The COVID-19 crisis has sparked a wholesale rethink in how the care sector protects both residents and staff.

The UKs unsung heroes

The post-pandemic era will be marked by a fresh focus on mental and physical wellbeing for those at the frontline.

Recent expansions of staff facilities typify the move to delivering a safer, more protective environment in which nursing personnel can relax, freshen up, eat and drink and enjoy their breaktimes.

Critically, modern facilities present a shield between infection risks from the community and residents’ health.

Helping proprietors and managers provide a new level of staff provision are Made in Britain furniture manufacturers Crown Sports Lockers. FSC-certified, they help homes meet green credentials while delivering site-specific storage solutions spanning lockers, seating, worktops, and washroom fitments.

Available in materials, textures, and colours to suit any design theme, Crown’s concepts match operators’ vision for constantly improving the level of protection they offer those working at the frontline.

Stylish and functional wooden lockers, featuring traditional key, digital keypad and RFID electronic locking systems provide satisfying and secure staff settings that can feature anti-pathogen materials where specified to further reduce risk of infection.

Care Workers - Locking Systems - Crown Sports Lockers

Always a quality service

For over 30 years, Crown Sports Lockers have advised, designed, manufacture and installed quality bespoke storage and changing facilities across the hotel, hospitality, and leisure sectors. That experience and expertise is now available for the care sector as it moves to raise the bar of staff provision.

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