Golf Club Locker Room Floorplan Tips

Mar 1, 2021 | Golf

Golf Club Locker Room Floor Plan Tips

Think about the Flow of Traffic

For a fully functional locker room, you will need to estimate the amount of traffic that the room will likely see. People prefer to move around a room comfortably for a pleasant experience.

Provide an Open Space

Inviting locker room floorplans require an open space that demonstrates flexibility.The layout should also include ample space for two people to walk side by side.

Carefully Consider Where to Place Your Lockers

Try to create small social spaces so that members can chat. Remember, some guests also need their personal space so it is important to provide privacy for everyone.

Evaluate Lighting and Heating Options

When setting up the lighting you should ensure that it is adequate, energy efficient and low maintenance; if you have suspended ceilings, ligthing units can be positioned without too much trouble.

For the heating, a combination of under floor heating and modern air handling systems will keep the room and the floors dry in wet areas.

Use Tiles and Materials that are Moisture Resistant in the Shower Room

Use slip resistant tiles to assure customer safety. The tiles will also require the correct friction since they will be installed in a wet environment.