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Whether you are opening new gym facilities and looking to create new gym locker rooms, or are refurbishing your current gym premises and want to update your gym lockers, you will find us to be the ideal choice for your changing rooms and gym locker rooms. Gym lockers and gym locker rooms are essential to any sports club, leisure centre and gym facility. Providing guests and staff with security and privacy, our lockers will keep your members’ minds at ease, safe in the knowledge that their property is secure. Gym changing rooms have evolved in terms of security, increased storage space, and a way to enforce company branding and style. The idea of a gym changing room being as comfortable and as pleasant an environment as possible has been steadily adopted from the USA and is now something that guests and members expect. Our solutions for gym lockers and gym changing rooms are an effortless addition to any gym establishment, offering a high degree of flexibility in both design and use.
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Crown Sports Lockers

Working out gym changing space since 1990

Since 1990, we at Crown Sports Lockers have built up inimitable experience and knowledge in the design, manufacture, and installation of sports changing rooms such as gym locker rooms. Throughout this time, we have worked with many household names in the leisure and gym industry and created countless bespoke installations. As you can imagine this amount of experience has given us the know-how on the best and most worthwhile practices from how our lockers are created, through to blending style with practicality. This in turn allows you to offer your members a place that they want to be, but equally as important, a place where your maintenance staff will only need to spend a minimum amount of time. With in-house design and manufacture, we at Crown Sports Lockers offer a fully bespoke and quality service, working with you to suit your gym changing room needs. All of our gym lockers and changing room lockers can be customised – from chosen dividers to unique locker themes and branding.
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Our gym changing room solutions

Gym bench seating

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Gym changing rooms are not complete unless they include bench seating, something that we excel in creating with the client in mind. Through our wide-ranging selection of finishes and materials, we can create bench seating to match your current gym changing room. Our gym bench seating is suitable for both wet and dry environments and is manufactured by us to the highest of standards. Whatever the style and layout of your gym changing room, we can create bench seating to complement it.

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Washrooms for gyms

Using our knowledge of creating wet and dry changing spaces, we can create gym washroom solutions that are stylish, durable, and practical. As with all our offerings, our gym washrooms are designed with you in mind, utilising space in the most practical way possible. As experienced designers, manufacturers, and installers of commercial washrooms, we excel in creating gym washrooms that give a lasting impression.

Gym vanity units

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Creating a gym changing room that offers your gym members all the facilities that they have come to expect is paramount to increasing their experience and loyalty. We can provide vanity units that carry your branding through your gym locker rooms and offer an increased experience to members and guests. Available in countless finish options, our vanity units enable you to carry your branding throughout your changing facilities.

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Towel storage units for gyms

Like any changing room, gym changing rooms require storage facilities for items such as towels and other complementary items. We can provide gyms with items of furniture such as towel storage units, offering a stylish, safe and durable answer to storing items within what can often be a congested and wet environment. Items such as towel storage units can be built to fit in with any gym’s finish and colour scheme.

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Gym changing cubicles

Our gym changing cubicles are created to the same high standards as our gym lockers, using woods and finishes that excel in durability. Whatever the size and layout of your gym, we can create changing cubicles of all shapes and sizes, offering you a solution to your members’ privacy needs that far surpasses any other company. With a dedicated project manager, you can be sure of receiving gym changing cubicles that meet your every need.

Crown Sports Lockers

Additional information for gyms

To find out more about how we at Crown Sports Lockers can help support your gym or sports club, please contact us on 01803 555885, or email us via our contact form.


Crown’s quality of product and work were excellent

The scope of the project involved new lighting and redecoration… fresh flooring and male and female changing provision. Crown’s quality of product and work were excellent throughout and they were so easy to deal with.
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Park Inn


Recent gym project

Park Inn, Heathrow

Gym Lockers - Park Inn Update - Crown Sports Lockers

Upgrade of the busy Pace Gym is the latest phase of a rolling redevelopment programme at the vast 895-room Park Inn, Heathrow.

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