Ideal Locking Systems for Changing Room Lockers

Mar 1, 2021 | Blog Posts

locking systems changing room lockers

An ideal locking system for changing room lockers must be user-friendly, robust and suitable for both wet and dry environments. Crown Sports Lockers’ changing room lockers include these top security lock solutions:

Cam Locks

Ideal for personal lockers appointed to a single person.


  • Our cam locks are key-retainable when left in an open position; allowing the door to be pulled open without a door knob.
  • Fitted with a hooked cam located behind its durable lock plates, this reduces the risk of forced entry.
  • The six pin tumbler series is master keyed. Our cam, coin or card locks can be fused with the same master key series. We also provide a private registered Master Key series; which is not offered by our competitors!

The Options:

  • Assa Abloy Cam Locks – these are suitable for wet environments; extremely robust, they can be used even with wet chlorine covered keys.

Coin/Token Locks & Mechanically Operated Card Locks

Ideal as day lockers for multiple users.


  • For the coin/token mechanical lock variant, the keys are retained in the lock even in the open position – they work when a coin is inserted in the slot; only then can the key be removed. Upon unlocking, the coin is returned and the key is retained all over again for the next user.
  • For the card variant, it uses a membership card – which has specially punched holes that operate the lock.
  • These mechanically operated card locks are ideal for preventing key loss and exploitation of lockers for personal use.

The Options:

  • Assa Coin Return Locks
  • Assa Card Locks
  • Lowe & Fletcher Coin Return Locks
  • Euro Coin Return Locks

Combination Locks Digital Keypad

Ideal for lockers intended for personal or day use.


  • The keyless system means that users won’t ever have to worry about lost or stolen keys.
  • They are available in mechanical and electrical keypad entry locks.
  • They also include a management key; which can open the lockers in case the pin number has been completely forgotten.

The Options:

  • Lowe & Fletcher Keypad Entry Locks
  • Lowe & Fletcher Combination Lock
  • Ojmar OCS Touch Lock
  • Digilock Key Pad Entry Locks


For the key to reliable security and total peace of mind; unlock a Crown Sports locker! With any enquiries, please call 01803 555885.