Identifying the Parts of a Crown Sports Locker

Mar 1, 2021 | Blog Posts


parts of a crown sports wooden locker

1.  Locker Body

Our tough locker bodies can withstand water damage. The melamine surface makes them scratch and water resistant. They also come in different colours and wood grain finishes.

2.  Lock Plate

Either 1mm or 2mm, our stainless steel lock plates are fixed to the side of the wooden locker bodies.

3.  Door Number

Door numbers are primarily used for identification purposes, although they can also help to protect the wood from possible scraping caused by keys.

4.  Door

A locker would not be complete without a door. We have a wide variety of solid framed locker doors that will match different locker bodies.

5.  Lock

Locks achieve the goal of every locker – they secure your belongings. We have a wide array of locks depending on your needs – cam locks, combination locks, key cards, etc.

6.  Door Hinge

Door hinges ensure that doors and frames are perfectly connected, allowing for the easy opening and closing of lockers.

7.  Vent

Vents regulate the temperature within the locker, ensuring that it remains bacteria, odour and and dust free.

8.  Hanging Rail

Our circular hanging rails are attached to the sides of the locker.

9.  Coat Hook

Coat hooks allow you to hang your coat and other garments – say no to creases!

10.  Coat Hanger

Our coat hangers are also called anti-theft hangers, wherein a metal ring is attached to prevent removal and theft.

11.  Shoe Shelves

Shoe shelves provide the correct storage for your shoes, further protecting any garments from dirt.

12.  End Panel

An end panel is the decorative part of the locker which gives the cabinet its alluring appeal.

13.  Top Capping

Top Capping completes the installation and gives the perfect finishing touch to the lockers.