In locker device chargers

Innovative in locker device chargers, perfect for adding an extra level of convenience for staff, visitors or guests.

Crown Sports Lockers

The power of locker innovation

Forever at the heart of locker innovation, we have developed an in-locker device charger that will increase customer experience and offer a unique convenience to further boost your brand’s appeal. In an age where no one can be without their own personal technology such as mobile phones, tablets, or laptops, we at Crown Sports Lockers have introduced this solution to further enhance lockers and changing rooms and take them to the next level of convenience.

Whether you are a hospitality brand looking to allow guests to not only store their valuable devices, but at the same time, charge them for operation, or a business looking to give your staff a convenient provision, our in-locker device charger is designed for you.

Crown Sports Lockers

Power to the people

Our in-locker device charger is the latest in a line of innovative products, designed and developed to increase the appeal of locker systems and changing rooms. It is built using robust polycarbonate, with the “plug and play” system sitting flush within a locker back panel. Providing Type A and Type C USB charging ports, the charging module is designed to power all manner of mobile devices, using the guest’s own cable.

You can add our in-locker device charger to your bespoke order, existing Crown locker system, or it can be retrofitted to any style of storage locker or valuables unit. As with all of our products you can be assured of a high quality and reliable product, built through experience and knowledge of storage and locker solutions.

Already installed in countless hospitality and leisure venues, our in-locker charging system is a welcome and convenient feature, much loved by operators, allowing guests and members to keep their devices charged.