January Newbies: How to Prepare your Gym

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If you own a gym, it’s already time to start prepping for the influx of January newbies! Although many of us haven’t even put up the Christmas decorations yet, the spike in new gym memberships as people fulfil new year resolutions is something that requires a great deal of forward planning.

Many people join the gym in January because they feel sluggish after Christmas or they might have over-indulged on Christmas food and gained weight. On average, gyms experience a 12% increase in memberships after Christmas. The secret is engaging the newbies and keeping them interested throughout the year.

According to statistics, 14% of people’s New Year resolutions go down the pan very quickly and they have quit the gym by the end of February. The key is running a steady flow gym, so your new customers don’t stop coming as quickly as they have started.

It’s also important to make sure your regular members aren’t frozen out by the sudden influx of people at this time of year: the last thing you want is for the regulars to get crowded out of classes. Keeping everyone happy is a fine balancing act!

What are competitors offering?

See what your competitors are offering and try to go one better. Find your own unique selling point and publicise it well.

Perhaps you can offer a free trial for newcomers, or the first month at a reduced price. If you’re tech-savvy, perhaps customers can use an online app to track their progress at the gym, giving them some goals to work towards.

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Building’s capacity

One of the ways to avoid conflict between new and existing members is to make sure the classes are never overbooked. An efficient way of doing this is to have members register for classes online, or book in advance. This way, you’ll never be in a situation where people are jostling for position in an overcrowded exercise studio. Everyone will have a fair shot of getting in, as long as they sign up promptly.

When the gym is growing, you need to have a fluid procedure and keep the quality of the classes high, rather than allowing it to descend into chaos.

Working machines

It may sound obvious, but keep all of your machines well maintained and in full working order. There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving at the gym and finding half the machines turned off, with an “out of order” sign emblazoned across the screen.

When it’s going to be busy anyway, you need every piece of equipment to be in tip-top condition, so that everyone can use the machines when they want and don’t have to waste time queuing up. Organise a maintenance session just before Christmas to make sure everything is in pristine condition for 2nd January.

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Fitness classes

As well as making sure fitness classes don’t get overbooked, it’s also a good idea to stage some extra classes in January, if this is possible. Although you may be limited by space, try to accommodate the higher demand.

Planning ahead will make sure you’re not left in a situation where you have newbies clamouring to join your classes, but they are all full. Check the statistics for January 2019 to see how many people joined your gym and base your 2020 projections on these figures.

Latest tech

The latest technology is transforming the fitness industry – so don’t get left behind in the race to attract and retain new customers by offering a high-quality gym experience. In 2019, technology gave us everything from fitness apps to wearable items and automated booking systems.

Gym-goers are increasingly demanding in the 21st century. They’re no longer satisfied with checking their weight – they want more. Customers want to track their progress, from their body fat percentage to their heart rate.

Experts say the global health market is worth a staggering $87.2 billion, so make sure you keep pace with this ever-growing market.

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Members’ lockers

Give your members peace of mind by ensuring they have secure lockers, where they can keep their personal possessions safe while enjoying the gym. The locker room serves as personal space, where customers don’t need to worry about losing car keys, money, or other valued items while they’re working out.

Crown Sports Lockers has been designing and installing high-quality lockers since 1990, working with many of the most prestigious brands. We can make the locker room a place where your members want to be!

Our range of bespoke gym lockers will help keep you at the top of your game – never underestimate the importance of good changing facilities! Contact us on 01803 555885 for details of our products and services and get 2020 off to a flying start.