Junior School Lockers & Classroom Storage Units

Mar 1, 2021 | Education

Crown Sports Lockers - Junior School Lockers & Classroom Storage Units Revised

Our Junior School Lockers have the same benefits as our full height lockers. The only difference is that they are smaller, which makes them more accessible, reachable and manageable for young children. We can also offer you a New Range – Bespoke Junior School Lockers & Classroom Storage Units.

Crown Sports’ Bespoke Junior Lockers & Classroom Storage Units offer the following:

Our Lockers are designed to your meet your requirements

We can fulfil any alterations, specifications, quotations or unusual requests. All you have to do is to provide the exact details. Whether it is a locker with a sloping top or a locker built into a recess, we guarantee the best results!

You can choose from a range of colours

Did you know that colour can affect a student’s mood? Colour is a big part of our locker design and plays a vital role in dictating the mood of the students. It can cause them to be excited and active.  Certain colours tend to be more soothing, while others are considered stimulating. Colours can change a plain, dull room into a bright and exciting place!

We offer contrasting edge colours

Did you know that contrasting edge colours can help individuals who have low vision to identify parts of a room? A contrasting edge colour can add style and aesthetic appeal to Junior School Lockers.

Colour door pulls are available

Colour door pulls guarantee security and add the perfect finishing touch to our locker designs. Make sure that your door pulls/handles match the locker body.

We can work to any size and configuration

Whatever the particular size and finish you are looking for, you can be certain that we will deliver the perfect locker solution for your needs. We have computer design applications and equipment that can construct and fabricate your requirements quickly and cost effectively. Contact us to discuss your requirements.