Lacquering Service

The Crown Sports Lockers' Wood Lacquering Service is suitable for architects. Additionally, owners and operators of a commercial enterprise can secure their business through new furniture with a finish that can assure reliability. Following the correct safety precautions is as an absolute must!

What is BS 476?

The British Standard 476 is a series of fire tests that are conducted for a specific structure/material. This procedure is performed to ensure that all structures or materials included within the building's design will not collapse in the event of a fire and that they can hold it secure for a set time.

  • BS 476 Part 6 tests the fire propagation of products; assessing the rate of heat released during combustion.

  • BS 476 Part 7 specifies the classification of the flame's surface spread.

  • For these specific tests, results are determined from Class 0 to 4 - with Class 0 being the highest and Class 4 being the lowest.

    Wood Lacquering Service

    How Does the Process Work?

    We use high-performance coatings like Xerofire - the first high-performance furniture grade lacquer system that will enhance a non-fire rated timber substrate to BS476 part 6 & 7, Class 0 and Class 1. By applying this to your new furniture, this assures a fire safety resistance; substantially slowing down the spreading flames.

    Our Class 0 and Class 1 lacquering service is available for one off projects or ongoing contracts. Our manufacturing facility has the capability of spraying hundreds of wooden boards in sheet form (not assembled) which can be used for a variety of purposes such as office furniture. We can also spray wooden ceiling tiles and wooden roof beams (prefabricated cladding) or any flat panel timber product that needs a fire retardant finish up to 90mm thick.

    This video demonstrates the effect that two blow torches can have on wood which has been protected with a fire-retardant lacquer.

    The first part of this video shows the effect that a blow torch can have on wood with a standard lacquer. The second part of this video shows the protection provided by a fire-retardant lacquer.

    This video shows the impact that a blow torch can have on wood with a standard lacquer. The second part of this video shows the impact on a piece of wood that has already been exposed to fire, with a fire-retardant lacquer (illustrates a secondary fire effect).

    Safety Will Always be Top Priority

    Fire prevention does not end with proper practices and fire safety equipment. For a good job, you should specify that your new furnishings are finished with the superior fire-retardant coating. For more information on our Class 0 finishing facilities, phone us today - 01803 555885.


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