Learn more about Crown Sports Lockers’ Security Systems

Mar 1, 2021 | Blog Posts


The Key to a Secure System is the Perfect Combination of the Right Lock, Lock Plate and the Barrel Hole within the Door

You can choose from the following locks:

  • Key Locks – Suitable for wooden locker doors, you can be sure there will be no duplicate keys in the locker room.
  • Coin Return Lock – Easy to use, the door will require the simple insertion of a coin and the turning of the key to lock it. You can retrieve your coin afterwards.
  • Card Lock – Slide or swipe a member’s card into the back of the lock.
  • Latch Lock – By using a padlock and a protective plate, this will safeguard wooden locker doors.

Crown Sports Lockers also uses Mechanical Locks with a Hook Bolt

Our mechanical locks with hook bolts are positioned behind robust bright steel. These locks have a 2mm thick plate to prevent forced entry. The double ‘D’ shape of the barrel hole in the door avoids the lock body from being forcibly turned; it is one of the highest levels of security and safekeeping on the market.

Crown Sports Lockers also uses Combination and Digital Keypad Entry Locks

A mechanical lock with a hook bolt is just a standard feature but it can be further augmented by securing Combination or Digital Keypad Entry Locks to the door. We offer the following:

  • Lowe & Fletcher Keypad Entry Locks – This type of lock has a mechanical feature just in case the pin number has been forgotten.
  • Lowe and Fletcher Combination Lock – This is commonly used for school lockers because it has a key operated override feature.
  • The Ojmar OCS Touch Lock – This can be programmed for either a day locker or personal use.
  • Digilock Keypad Entry Locks- This lock looks smart and classy. It has a management key, which can be used in case of forgotten pin codes.