Locker Room Organisation and Planning Guidelines

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Whether it’s for the school’s sports department, a fitness centre or your spa business; properly planned and organised locker rooms can go a long way towards achieving user peace of mind. By affording ample space for everyone to move around comfortably and assuring a hygiene-friendly environment, this can really add to the overall convenience and user experience. People will start to remember you for all the right reasons.

Plan Good Ventilation

Especially if next to shower areas, locker rooms can quickly get quite humid. Adequate ventilation that will allow the air to circulate freely can help to keep the room fresh and comfortable.

Temperature-regulated facilities are preferable, especially when a number of customers are using the locker room at the same time.

Give Extra Attention to the Layout

Since locker rooms have the tendency to be over cramped – with various fixtures (e.g. benches, lockers, changing room furniture, etc.) – it is vital to pay careful attention to the layout.

Planning will allow you to leave sufficient space in high traffic areas – giving customers adequate space to change and move around freely. As much as anything else, a well thought out layout can also add to the overall visual appeal of your locker room facilities.

The Best Locker Configuration

Locker needs may vary for different users; a variety of locker sizes will better accommodate your clients’ different requirements.

Determining the best locker configuration will also allow you to maximise on your locker room potential; making room for wider pathways and freeing up space for other ancillary furniture.

Provide Ample Storage

Make sure there are enough lockers and other storage facilities available, as people tend to be heavily reliant on the security that they offer. Always choose high-standard lockers that are sturdy and easy to maintain.

Consider the Lock Option

With safety being a top priority, it is essential to choose your locks wisely. For a superior, yet cost effective choice; hasp & staple and latch locks are ideal since they are easily accessible, making them favourable for different users. Cam and card locks are more suitable for offices and business premises, as they allow flexible employer access in case of an emergency.

Select the Right Furniture

Amenities may vary in different changing rooms, depending on the nature of business. Consider the best and most appropriate changing room furniture that will enhance the overall layout, while fulfilling the needs of your customers. Crown Sports Lockers has a wide variety of changing room furniture and additional accessories for optimal customer convenience. With optional finishes and a selection of lock alternatives to choose from, we specialise in ready-made furniture or custom built solutions.

Plan your fully functional, aesthetically pleasing and security conscious locker room facilities with the experts.  At Crown Sports Lockers, we take great pride in our work, always striving for wall to wall locker room perfection!  For more information, please call 01803 555855… we are always happy to help.

Get your locker room facilities right to assure second-to-none customer service!