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With the cost of running a business increasing over the years, floor space is often at a premium.  When searching for strong, practical and long-lasting furniture to store items such as stationery, documents, IT equipment, clothing or personal possessions, locker storage walls could be your answer.  These lockers fit neatly against the wall, leaving you with remainder of your square footage to be utilised for more productive purposes.

Offices are generally a hive of activity.  Wall lockers are secured to the wall to prevent them from falling over, and are tucked neatly away, thus helping to prevent health and safety hazards.  Free-standing individual filing cabinets next to desks can easily be walked into when attempting to navigate a room, and take up a lot of unnecessary space.  Locker storage walls from Crown Sports Lockers are the ideal solution, and can also be used in other sectors such as hotels/spas, leisure, golf clubs, sports clubs, schools or healthcare settings.

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Sturdy wooden lockers from Crown Sports Lockers are designed and manufactured ‘in-house,’ and have been for over 30 years.  Our company is accredited with the ‘Made in Britain’ mark. We have our own skilled installation team who will fit your lockers with attention to detail and with minimal disruption.  You will be assigned a Project Manager, who will liaise with you throughout the whole project, to ensure your specifications and requirements are fully met.  Our locker walls can be finished in a range of colours to complement or match your décor and/or branding, and are finished off with machine applied ABS edging.

Wooden lockers can be furnished with a choice of locking mechanisms including padlocks, mechanical locks, combination locks, digital keypads, digital RFID locks or digital RFID networked locks.  Extra shelving and integral in-device chargers are available on request.

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