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Staying Healthy

These days, most of us have invested in keeping ourselves fit, both to promote healthy bodies and healthy minds.  It doesn’t matter which avenue you choose to follow – there are many different ways to improve wellbeing. 

An increasing number of people have decided to leave their cars at home, and use an alternative method for their daily commute.  This could include cycling, running, walking or using an electric scooter or an electric-assisted bicycle.  Many workplaces have integral gyms, both with a view to keeping their employees fit and healthy, and retaining the workforce by providing added benefits of working for their company.

Some people subscribe to gyms, spin studios, swimming pools and leisure centres – preferring to exercise in their own time.  This could help them wind down after a long day at work, or simply give them some ‘me time,’ away from children or the hassle of everyday life.  However, not everyone has bought into the health bug.  Others prefer to watch from the sidelines, becoming avid supporters.

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Taking Time to Recharge the Mind

A spa day is a great way of recharging your inner batteries, and benefits both the mind and the body.  There are many benefits of using a spa, including stress relief, helping reduce symptoms of arthritis, improved sleep, plus it aides in the stimulation of serotonin and dopamine – naturally produced hormones which together can promote a sense of calmness and a feeling of drive and determination.

At Crown Sports Lockers, we have designed, manufactured and installed many spa lockers and spa treatment rooms within prestigious standalone spas, or hotels/country clubs.  Some recent installations include Maya Blue Wellness Spa at the Titanic Hotel, Liverpool, The Spa at Breedon Priory, and Ufford Park, Woodbridge Hotel, Golf & Spa.

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Spin Your Way to Fitness

A very popular method of keeping fit, for those who enjoy riding a bicycle, but prefer to stay away from the added inconvenience of navigating rush hour traffic, or getting caught in the wind-tunnel of manic vehicle drivers, is a ‘Spin Class.’ 

Psycle is an exciting brand, founded in 2014 – and they already have 5 locations in the UK.  If you are searching for a spin class (or ‘Ride’ as it is known at Psycle,) why not give it a whirl?  Their Oxford Circus studio is hosting a 10-year anniversary party on 24th & 25th February, with a 2-day festival of movement.  There will be special events, live DJs, and a ‘full Psycle workout’ incorporating all 5 of their workouts (Barre, Reformer, HIIT, Yoga and Ride.)  There are prizes to be won, plus food, drink and wellness experiences to take part in at the event.

Crown Sports Lockers have been contracted to install 5 projects so far, for Psycle, including the latest in Eccleston Yards, Victoria, where we were delighted to manufacture and install quality wooden leisure lockers, with keyless combination locks and integrated bench seating.

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Taking the Plunge

If you love the idea of swimming, but are not too keen until the weather is warmer, why not head to the British Swimming Championships 2024.  This event is going to be held in the London Aquatics Centre, at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, and will be used to select both Olympians and Paralympians for the next Olympics.  This year, you can obtain tickets to spectate, which hasn’t been possible since 2015.

If you manage a Leisure Facility and are in need of new swimming pool lockers, Crown Sports Lockers design, manufacture and install swimming pool lockers and changing rooms, including integrated bench seating, shower cubicles, wet and dry vanity units and other associated furniture.

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Pumping Iron – Lockers for Gyms

Pumping iron used to be predominantly a sport associated with men.  However, it is now very popular with all genders.  The majority of people who visit the gym, use weights to stay fit and healthy, and not necessarily to gain muscle mass for competition status.  However, if you are interested in donning the fake tan and throwing some poses, or just want to watch those who do, head to the UK 2024 Bodybuilding Competition Calendar for a guide to competitions in your area.

For gyms, leisure centres or hotels with gyms, requiring gym lockers or gym changing rooms, why not contact us at Crown Sports Lockers?  One of our recent projects was for Fitness Space in Wimbledon, where we manufactured and installed gym lockers for their state-of-the-art independent gym.  Amongst other gyms and hotel gyms, we also designed, manufactured and installed gym lockers at Iron Island Gym in Bury St. Edmunds, with integrated, floating bench seating.  Of course, it goes without saying that we have installed many gym lockers in independent schools across the UK.

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Crown Sports Lockers are experienced in the industry, having amassed over 30 years, designing, manufacturing and installing quality wooden lockers for various sectors, including leisure lockers, golf lockers, hotel & spa lockers, spa treatment rooms, school lockers, football lockers, sports lockers, office lockers and associated furniture such as washrooms, cubicles and bench seating etc.

With a variety of finishes, colours, upholstery, branding, locking mechanisms, shapes and sizes, you can be sure of a first-class product.  Our lockers and ancillaries are manufactured at our premises in Devon, and all wood is responsibly sourced.  Installers are directly employed by us, and are skilled and knowledgeable – whilst being meticulous and carrying out installs with minimal disruption to clients.

If you would like to discuss lockers for gyms, spas, swimming pools, spin studios, or anywhere else in the leisure industry, please do not hesitate to call us on 01803 555885, or complete the contact form on our website.