Luxury Spa Brands

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Everyone has their own favourite spa brands – those luxury products that we know, trust and love – which make a pampering session so much more fulfilling.

The perfect spa experience is further enhanced by the brand with which we have an emotional connection. This may be because we associate it with prestigious products, a relaxing experience, pleasant aromas or a mixture of all three. Premium skincare products are more than just pretty packaging that looks appealing – they are part of a luxury lifestyle.

Often used in UK spas Clarins, Decléor, Guinot, Dermalogica and Aromatherapy Associates are among the most luxurious spa brands on the market:


Clarins spa products are the result of over 60 years’ skincare excellence, together with speaking to clients to find out what they want. Various treatments combine a specialised and finely tuned massage technique – known as the Clarins Touch – with products containing pure plant extracts and aromatic essential oils. This results in a peaceful sensory experience that leaves you looking and feeling rejuvenated.


With beautiful scents that help to detoxify, relax, tone or stimulate the body, Decléor Paris uses essential oils as the base for all of its treatments. The products are targeted at the face or body, with each product tailor-made to meet specific needs; such as the warm aromatherapy balms that are blended from natural essential oils to ease tension, alleviate stress and provide energy while leaving you with a velvety skin.


To reinforce the skin’s elasticity, Guinot’s famous Technispa thermo-relaxing firming treatment uses an active gel serum made from Crelastin B and Alaria Esculenta. The continuous diffusion of heat on the body provides relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing, while opening the pores to allow the special formula to penetrate the skin and release the firming active ingredients.


The Dermalogica brand was established more than 25 years ago. All Dermalogica products are free from common irritants and any ingredients that could cause skin irritation such as SD alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil, fragrances and artificial colours. Aimed at improving skin health, the products are only available from qualified therapy professionals.

Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates specialises in natural and pure essential oils to benefit the body and mind. The relaxing aroma exudes from the oils and is inhaled during the treatments to promote mental and physical wellbeing. The brand’s skincare range includes balms, creams, foams, gels, oils and serums that promote a beautifully glowing skin all year round.

Crown Spa Lockers

As a necessary extra to complete the whole spa experience, more and more establishments are providing lockers for a comprehensive service. In keeping with the finest luxury skincare brands, Crown Sports Lockers provides a high-quality range of lockers for facilities that include state-of-the art spas and luxury hotels.

Providing safe storage solutions to complement any décor, our spa lockers are built using the finest wood to assure the durability and refined aesthetics that are synonymous with our luxury brand.

For further information, please call 01803 555885. Together we can unlock the full luxury package.