Massage Types: Understanding What your Body Needs

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Massage involves manipulating parts of the body using a trained therapist’s hands. By kneading joints and muscles, the therapist can release tension, eliminate toxins and evoke a sense of calm and relaxation. Massages are fantastic for those seeking stress relief, but they can also reduce aches and pains.

The only dilemma you face is deciding which type of massage to choose. Some focus on soothing different parts of the body, using either gentle or strong pressure. Others use aids such as essential oils or stones as part of the massage process.

Which type of massage you choose depends on the needs of your body, whether you have any existing health conditions and your personal preferences. Here are some of the main options available:

Aromatherapy massage

This type of massage uses essential oils with gentle pressure, often on the entire body, but typically focusing on the back, shoulders and neck. Various oils can be used, which can have healing effects when absorbed into the body and inhaled. Aromatherapy massages are ideal for those seeking stress relief and relaxation. They also help reduce tension and aches and pains.

Massage Therapies - Aromatherapy - Crown Sports Lockers

Swedish massage

If you experience a lot of muscular tension, you might find a Swedish massage beneficial. This full-body therapy involves various massage movements such as circular motions, kneading, long strokes and tapping.

Hot stone massage

Similar to a Swedish massage, this therapy also focuses on placing heated stones on different parts of the body. These help to reduce stress and tension in specific areas.

As well as being a relaxing experience, a hot stone massage can improve blood flow, which can help to reduce pain and inflammation. You tend to pay more for this massage compared to other options.

Massage Therapies - Hot Stone Massage - Crown Sports Lockers


This massage focuses on manipulating pressure points on the feet, and sometimes hands. These pressure points correspond to different parts of the body. For example, massaging the toes can have a direct impact on the head, while pressure exerted on the balls of the feet can ease pains in the lower back.

Deep tissue massage

This form of massage really gets to work on muscles and connective tissues, so it’s ideal for anyone who suffers from chronic muscular problems. Strong pressure is exerted onto muscles using slow strokes, although you shouldn’t expect to feel any pain during the massage.

Massage Therapies - Deep Tissue Massage - Crown Sports Lockers

Sports massage

If you play sports and have acquired an injury, a sports massage can help to reduce pain and soreness in the affected area. Even if you aren’t injured, a fully-body sports massage can be useful for active types to help keep joints flexible and tension-free.

In some cases, regular sports massages may even improve your performance.

Shiatsu massage

Taking inspiration from the Far East, this massage involves pulsing and rhythmic pressure using the thumbs, palms and hands. A therapist may concentrate on a specific part of the body, or carry out the massage on the entire body. It helps to invoke a sense of calm, so is just the job for those suffering from anxiety, depression or tension headaches.

Massage Therapies - Shiatsu Massage - Crown Sports Lockers

Thai massage

Using their fingers and palms, therapists apply firm pressure on the body with this massage. Stretching movements are also used – you may be moved into different positions. This active type of massage can help to reduce aches and pains as well as tension, but it’s also said to boost energy levels, circulation and flexibility.

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