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Mar 1, 2021 | Blog Posts


Infographic - Locks & Accessories

Find out more about our different lock options and locker accessories and the benefits they provide:

Hasp Lock

A hasp lock can be used in combination with a padlock. The catch on the locker door is prevented from rotating from the locked position by the padlock. When the padlock is removed, the catch can rotate 90° and this allows the door to be opened. A hasp lock is durable and accepts padlocks with various shackle diameters.

Cam Lock

A cam lock is a cylindrical lock with an opening for a key at one end. The cam – a locking rotating arm or plate – is at the other. The cam is operated directly by turning the key, usually through 90° or 180°. The cam itself does the latching. Security is one of the main benefits of cam locks, as they are extremely tough to pick.

Coin Return Lock

Coin return locks are popular for lockers in environments such as sports and leisure centres and swimming pools. A coin or token is required to enable unlocking, with a coin return tray included as standard. The key can’t be removed without inserting a coin, so it’s fixed in place the rest of the time, preventing it from being lost.

Combination Lock

Combination locks are favourites for security reasons, as they are opened by using a numerical code – so there’s no key to lose. With hundreds of thousands of combinations for the code, it’s unlikely anyone will crack it. Any new locker can come supplied with a combination lock or they can be fitted retrospectively.

RFID Locks

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) locks are popular for lockers where the user doesn’t want to carry a key, as they use a chip in either a membership card or wrist band. The user can lock or open the door by presenting the wrist band at the lock mechanism, while an info terminal can tell the user their locker number. Advanced systems include tracking, automatic opening at a specified time and integration with other RFID equipment within the facility. It can be used 30,000 times before the battery needs changing.

Door Number

Locker door numbers are ideal for environments where there are lots of lockers, such as leisure centres, swimming pools, sports clubs, schools and any such facilities used by the public. High-quality, self-adhesive discs with the number engraved in the centre are suitable for wet or dry environments.

Key Tag

Key tags to match the locker door numbers are an important part of locker rooms, especially when there are vast numbers of lockers. Engraved plastic or metal key tags are suitable in any situation, including swimming pools and spa facilities where there is a wet environment.

Wrist Strap

Ideal for leisure centres and sports clubs, locker wrist straps prevent keys from getting lost. Tough and durable wrist straps can be provided in a range of styles and finishes, sitting firmly and comfortably on the wrist, so they won’t impact on the user’s activities.

Crown Sports Lockers specialises in high performance locker room solutions – door locking options include master keyed £1-coin return locks or cam locks, hasp locks, key pad entry locks, combination locks and RFID locking systems: all from proven manufacturers.