Prominent Features of Our Bespoke Wooden Office Lockers

Mar 1, 2021 | Offices & Staff Rooms

Prominent Features

When standard lockers don’t suit your requirements, why not opt for our bespoke wooden office lockers instead? Aside from the fact that they can be customised, they also come with unique add-ons that maximise their functionality:

End Panels

To ensure the perfect finish, all our bespoke office locker installations come with matching end panels —no exposed holes and unpolished sides.


You can customise the inside of your lockers by adding the necessary accessories and fitments, including a divider for shoe shelves and compartments for essential accessories like mirrors and tie racks.

Corner Posts

With our bespoke wooden office lockers, the fitting of internal corner posts is no longer a problem! We can close the gaps and make sure that all the locker doors can function properly.

Hanging Rails

Our one and two-tier bespoke office lockers are designed to accommodate clothing. Bespoke lockers come with non-removable hanging rails and anti-theft hangers as part of our offer.

Locker Room Design

We don’t just manufacture, we install and deliver the personalised lockers to your premises. Crown Sports Lockers will also design your locker room for free – this will ensure that the lockers perfectly complement the design of the room.

Experience the freedom of customising your own lockers with our bespoke wooden office locker service. Assuring top of the line quality that perfectly fits with any office setting, contact us today on 01803 555885 to learn more about our offers.