Benefits of Quality Staff Lockers in the Workplace


Ensure Your Staff Feel Valued

In the modern world of work, the buzzwords seem to be GDPR, AI, the latest technology and new innovations. Quality staff lockers and office furniture seem to have taken a back seat on the list of priorities, or not even thought about.  The question is… can you really afford to ignore the basic needs of your staff?  One of the most famous business owners, Richard Branson, is quoted as saying, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” 

It is very easy to get wrapped up in staying ahead of the competition, or making sure all of the legislations are being followed, in addition to actually focusing on the nature of the business, the finances, and day-to-day activities.  All of the above, are of course valid, and any business needs to take them into consideration.  However, the only way a business can actually function, is by employees taking pride in their work, and feeling valued enough that they have a passion for helping it to flourish.  Investing in the provision of quality staff lockers can help to promote that feeling of worthiness, and show your employees that you care.

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A Green Business

Another focus for businesses is ‘going green’ and attempting to become as environmentally friendly as possible. This is a global focus, as we are constantly reminded of in the media, and as a consequence, many people are changing their habits to help protect the planet for future generations.  A growing number of people within the workplace are choosing to leave their cars at home – instead favouring ‘active’ means of commuting, such as cycling, using electric scooters, running or walking.

These methods are not only beneficial in cutting your employees’ carbon footprints.  The time and money lost by businesses due to staff sickness, can be reduced significantly, as their choice of commute has positive health implications.

You could contribute to staff wellbeing, whilst ticking a box on your ‘going green’ status, by providing ‘end of trip’ quality, wooden staff lockers.  This will not only make your staff feel appreciated, but gives them somewhere to securely store their footwear, change of clothes, washbags and valuables.  Installing such a provision could also encourage others to ditch their vehicles, leaving you with a more healthy workforce, and saving you money in the long run.  If your business is large enough, you may also want to think about installing washrooms or shower cubicles.

Quality Staff Lockers - Green Business - Crown Sports Lockers

Factories, Industrial and/or Uniformed Professions

If your business requires employees to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment,) it is essential to provide a location for personal clothing and items to be swapped over and stored safely.  PPE lockers are quality staff lockers, where both PPE, personal belongings and valuables can be kept whilst employees are working.

Keeping these items locked away, also helps avoid clutter – therefore adhering to Health and Safety protocols.

If the business in question is in a moist or sensitive environment, try wooden, waterproof, anti-bacterial lockers – suitable for healthcare facilities, swimming pools and spas etc.

Quality Staff Lockers - PPE - Crown Sports Lockers

Office Lockers and Locker Storage Walls

Offices can quite often be tight for space, with rising costs of premises, meaning square footage is at a premium.

Confidential and sensitive documents are required to be locked away – especially in workplaces where documents contain personal information pertaining to clients/customers.  Aesthetically pleasing, sturdy office lockers, or even locker storage walls can store all of you documents and/or equipment securely, without cluttering desks or having insecure filing boxes or cabinets stacked up around the floorspace.

If an office offers hotdesking, office lockers are essential as staff lockers.  This allows personal belongings and documentation to be locked away, and frees up the desk for the next person to use.

Quality Staff Lockers - Locker Storage Walls - Crown Sports Lockers

Workplace Lockers

Workplace lockers do not have to be limited to quality staff lockers.  If you work in an environment where you receive regular visitors who require temporary storage whist on the premises, or in an industry where tool storage is needed, workplace lockers are an ideal solution to our storage requirements.  Workplace lockers can also be installed in hotels, spas, leisure facilities, golf clubs, sports clubs and schools/colleges.

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Crown Sports Lockers

Crown Sports Lockers design, manufacture and install quality Staff Lockers, End of Trip Lockers, PPE lockers, Office Lockers, Locker Storage Walls and Workplace Lockers to business across the UK and overseas.

Our lockers are renowned for their durability and design (standard or bespoke to your specifications) and can be made with a variety of finishes and colours.  Branding can be followed if required.  Integrated bench seating can also be supplied, and can be either left as a wooden finish, or upholstered in a variety of materials/colourways.  Washrooms, wet & dry vanity units, shower cubicles and WC cubicles can be quoted on upon request.  

Despite our name suggesting simply Sports Lockers, we have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience over the 30 years we have been in business, and can have adapted our designs to cater for most sectors, including Hotels, Spas, Golf & Country Clubs, Schools & Colleges, Offices & Workplaces and the Leisure Industry.

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