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Thinking of Refreshing Your Changing Room Lockers?

In times of economic uncertainty, leisure operators are understandably cautious when it comes to allocation of capital expenditure. If you are considering a refresh of your changing room lockers, but unsure if now is the right time, then why not think about giving them an interim facelift? A good way to do this in the first instance is to change existing key locks. You could upgrade to a coinless mechanism for a more convenient alternative. Replacing the locker doors or panels will also improve the look immensely. We can upgrade your lockers to suit your requirements. At Crown Sports Lockers, we are more than just lockers. We are here to help and are here to help and are happy to advise you.

Environmentally Friendly

When a decision has been made to refurbish a changing room it is worth considering certain aspects to improve the operational efficiency and ambience. Without a little thought, it is easy to replicate the imperfections that may currently be present. Upgrading your lockers is not only the cheaper option, it is more environmentally friendly and reduces your carbon footprint.

A refurbishment is not only an opportunity to freshen up the facilities, it is an opportunity to create changing rooms that will remove existing problems and provide an environment your members will enjoy for years. The changing room is the first place your members will see after the reception area, and the last place before leaving. Make sure they are equal to, and compliment the rest of the facilities.

Take a look at this article which featured in a recent edition of the Physical Activity Facilities Magazine on page 93.

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