Replacement Doors

Replacement locker doors

The locker doors are supplied to your specified size, machined ready for hinges and locks with the option of inset engrave door numbers.

Do your changing rooms require a face lift…? Simple cost effective solutions, Crown’s replacement locker door service can provide machine finished locker doors to complement any area. 

Crown Sport Replacement Doors for Lockers

Locker doors should be aesthetically pleasing but more importantly they should assure locker security and efficiency. Crown Sports Lockers supplies locker doors in various sizes that are manufactured from premium quality materials. Our replacement door service employs a machining process to apply the hinges and locks and further affords a number engraving option.

A sample locker door will be required as the template and a prototype will then be submitted for approval before we proceed to complete your order.

Offering replacement locker parts for you to choose from, for any unique requirements please contact us or send as an image.

With Oak and American Black Walnut finish as standard, we can also supply replacement doors for the following:

  • Veneer wooden locker doors
  • Solid frame wooden locker doors
  • Laminate locker doors
  • Solid grade laminate locker doors.
  • Other doors (to your requirement; subject to minimum order quantities)

Delivery should be within 10 working days from the receipt of the official order, payment and template (if required).

Door Features

Our locker doors vary in height, width and numbers. A standard replacement door is available with 18mm thick wood in either Oak or American Black Walnut, demonstrating 1mm ABS high impart edges all around.

Do you require any replacement doors for your lockers? We are the locker experts so contact us on 01803 555885 or send us an email at for more information.

Contact us by email for more information or telephone 01803 555885

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For more information on our complete bespoke service click on BESPOKE, or if the project is not to complex you can buy our standard lockers direct from our Online Factory Shop to install yourself.