Smart Inclusions for Your Changing Room Furniture

Mar 1, 2021 | Blog Posts

changing room furniture inclusions

Luxurious changing rooms are becoming a vital necessity for businesses in the leisure industry, we understand how changing room furniture can be a crucial step in the overall completion of your facilities. Crown Sports Lockers offers customised changing room furniture that gives the client the flexibility to maximise accessibility and security according to requirements:

Additional Compartments

Adding extra provisions for specific uses (i.e. separate compartments for slippers, bath towels, soaps, etc.) can significantly help to sort things into categories. This also creates more organisation; items can be easily located based on their specific location.

Personal Seat Units

Personal seat units serve as waiting or relaxation areas for customers and guests; this is where they will be seated while they wait for their service or appointment. Designed to be pulled out, our seating units can be concealed when not in use—providing a more convenient space.

Full-Length Hanging Heights

We can customise the insides of your changing room furniture and specifically design it to have full-length hanging heights; these are ideal for long clothing items such as bathrobes, duffle coats, full-length dresses, etc.

Locker Door Finish

For changing rooms that have custom themes, we can modify the door finishes to match the area’s precise established concept; this gives you more opportunities to personalise your changing rooms. You may choose from oak, beech, walnut or maple effect finishes.

Lock Systems

From standard cam and latch locks to more advanced coin return alternatives, we guarantee that our lock systems are easy-to-use; they are well-made for your guests’ utmost security and convenience.


We would love to entertain your personal requests! For further questions and enquiries about our changing room furniture offers, please call 01803 555885.