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Rest And Relaxation for Your Guests

If you are looking for a quality hotel & spa locker supplier, you have certainly come to the right place. At Crown Sports Lockers, we understand that prioritising your guests’ comfort comes first. With their busy day-to-day lives, they will want somewhere for the ultimate rest and relaxation, giving them a well-deserved break. Hotels with integrated spas offer the perfect place to unwind without a care in the world.

Spas offer numerous activities, from swimming pools, saunas, and hot tubs to facials, manicures, pedicures, and massages. They are idyllic settings where you can effortlessly relax and forget about your worries. The last thing your guests want to think about is worrying about the security of their belongings or finding somewhere to wash the chlorine out of their hair.

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Your Ultimate Hotel & Spa Locker Solution

This is where we come in. Whether you are a small, large, or independent hotel, luxury, or boutique spa, we will create elegant, bespoke, and secure hotel & spa locker rooms to complement your desired aesthetic. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your spa changing rooms are in the best hands, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing a relaxing experience for your guests.

As a hotel & spa locker supplier, our range of solutions is as diverse as your needs. We appreciate that every establishment is unique, which is why we offer a complete package with a wide range of ancillaries. We have everything from towel drops to washrooms, shower cubicles to toilet cubicles, integrated bench seating to freestanding lockers, and even office lockers for your staff.

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Wooden Hotel & Spa Lockers

Over the last 30 years, we have gained extensive experience and expertise in crafting customised locker rooms for the hospitality industry as a spa locker supplier. Thanks to our bespoke solutions, you can align with your branding while providing your guests added convenience. We recognise the importance of your brand and strive to reflect it in our solutions.

Manufactured from premium-quality wood to ensure stability and durability, our wooden lockers are ideally suited for spas and hotels. With the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and practical design, they provide a secure storage solution for all your guests’ possessions.

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Bench Seating

Whilst your guests have somewhere to safely store their belongings, they will also want somewhere to sit and rest their feet. With freestanding or integrated bench seating, you can ensure your hotel or spa changing room provides your guests with the ultimate experience for optimal comfort. Our bench seating is fully customisable for each project and will coordinate with your interior design.

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Hotel & Spa Washrooms

Remember that after a long and relaxing day, your guests will want somewhere to change and/or wash themselves. Attention to detail and first-rate craftsmanship are essential to ensure a high-quality finish in your hotel & spa washroom. From shower cubicles to changing areas, hand wash basin stations, and vanity units, you can enhance your visitors’ experience with the convenience of a wet room and/or dry area solution.

Not only are these spa washrooms highly functional, but they are also visually pleasing, complementing your hotel & spa’s branding and ambience. Whether you prefer modern décor or a traditional design, we can provide a custom-made solution that fits your needs.

Towel Storage Units

Ideal for hotels and spas, our wooden storage furniture, including towel storage units, helps keep your changing rooms tidy and provides added convenience for your guests. These units can be customised in various finishes and materials to complement the surrounding interior decoration.

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Spa Treatment Rooms

Whilst we are a leading hotel and spa locker supplier, we also offer a selection of furniture for spa treatment rooms to further improve your guests’ experience with the calmness and tranquillity they desire. We specialise in providing stylish yet practical solutions, such as spa and massage beds, bespoke-built storage, trolley stores, and treatment beds and stations.

Our tailored spa treatment room amenities also include nail bars, changing room seating units, costume dryer cabinets, grooming stations, product display cabinets, mirrors, and more.

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Some Recent Projects as A Hotel & Spa Locker Supplier

At Crown Sports Lockers, we have been a hotel & spa locker supplier to a variety of prestigious establishments. Below are just a few of the recent projects we have worked on and some examples of what we can do for your hotel and spa.

The Titanic Hotel, Liverpool

At the Maya Blue Wellness Centre located within the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool, we were responsible for designing, manufacturing, and installing new holdall and clothes lockers equipped with Ojmar OTS RFID locks for both female and male changing rooms. In addition, we fitted vanity units with integrated towel bins in the female changing rooms and added slatted seating in the male changing rooms.

Spa Locker Supplier - Titanic Hotel - Crown Sports Lockers

The Odyssey Spa, Knebworth

At the luxurious Odyssey Spa in Knebworth, we carried out a comprehensive renovation of the men’s locker room, complete with upgraded amenities, spa lockers, and a fresh, modern design. 

The Nici Hotel, Bournemouth

At the delightful Nici Hotel, situated on Bournemouth’s West Cliff, we completed an installation for new male and female changing rooms within their luxury spa. These rooms feature our UK-manufactured, quality wooden hotel lockers.

Spa Locker Supplier - The Nici Hotel - Crown Sports Lockers

Bainland Lodge Retreats, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire

In the beautiful setting of Woodhall Spa within the Bainland Lodge Retreats in Lincolnshire, we had the opportunity to manufacture and install a range of custom-designed amenities for their new wellness and fitness suite. This included sleek changing lockers, convenient towel units, comfortable bench seating and secure valuable lockers. The locker bodies were finished in Egger Graphite Grey, complemented by Egger Anthracite Jaura Slate finished locker doors and panel work. Additionally, they were all equipped with state-of-the-art Digilock Axis digital keypad locks.

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