Spa Massage Techniques

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Massage was once considered a luxury for only the select few to enjoy but today, it is recognised as a beneficial means of helping everyone to take care of their mind, body and spirit. Incorporating a regular massage into your routine assuredly enhances your overall wellbeing, including mental and physical health.

Different spa massage techniques can produce various therapeutic benefits:

1. Hot stone massage

Involving heated flat rocks that are placed on the back and on other parts of the body, this centuries-old technique is popular in salons across the world. The heat of the hot stones is beneficial for relaxing the muscles, making it easier for the masseuse to perform a massage and providing a more relaxing experience for the client.

2. Cupping

Practiced by the ancient Egyptians in 1550 BC, cupping is one of the oldest massage techniques according to one of the world’s oldest medical textbooks, Ebers Papyrus. This ancient form of alternative medicine involves the masseuse putting specially-designed cups on the skin to create suction. This can help with pain, inflammation and body detoxing and it will further enhance the deep tissue massage.

3. Deep tissue massage

The deep tissue massage uses slow strokes and firm pressure, reaching a deeper level of muscle tissue. Often used to treat ailments such as a stiff neck, tightness of the leg muscles, upper and lower back pain and aching shoulders, this technique is used to help ease chronic aches and pains.

4. Prenatal massage

This massage is specially designed to promote comfort in pregnant women. It can help to alleviate the aches that pregnancy can cause such as pain in the lower back, leg cramps, headaches and swelling. A therapist carrying out a prenatal massage will ask the client to lie on their side if they are 13 weeks or more pregnant, as lying flat on a massage table could put stress on the pelvis and uterus.

5. Swedish massage

Taking its name from the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, this is a particularly popular technique in today’s spas. The Swedish massage, known as a classic massage in Sweden, aims to relax the whole body by kneading the muscles with long strokes. It can be beneficial for increasing the oxygen level in the blood, while improving circulation and flexibility.

6. Sports massage

As the name implies, a sports massage can help athletes as it is geared towards treating areas of the body that are used a lot in any particular sport – thus, becoming stressed from repetitive and sometimes aggressive movements. The technique differs depending on the sport, so the masseuse can personalise the experience for each athlete for more beneficial results.

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