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Keep up with today’s modern working environment, with our stylish, bespoke and secure wooden office lockers, staff room lockers, locker storage walls, hot-desk lockers and storage solutions.



Crown Sports Lockers

Experts in wooden office lockers

We are specialists in the design, manufacture, and installation of bespoke wooden office lockers, staff room lockers and storage furniture. We incorporate functionality and style, offering you a finished product of the highest standard.

Through our extensive experience, and firm understanding of office environments, our office locker-room solutions are designed and manufactured by Crown Sports Lockers, to suit each specific office or commercial space. This ensures that our office lockers and staff room lockers fit perfectly with your theme and setting, thus providing an excellent, integrated working environment.

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Our office lockers, staff room lockers and storage solutions, come in a range of colours and finishes – from woodgrain, or gloss, to the current on-trend choice of ultra-matt, and can be designed to fit with your brand, if required. We also offer lacquer services on request. Lockers are secured with a choice of locking mechanisms, such as key locks, mechanical & digital keypad locks, or digital RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) locks.

We can incorporate in-locker device chargers to take the lockers to the next level, and provide safe and secure charging facilities. All of our products pass the EU standards, and are therefore suitable for contract storage, due to their proven quality as non-domestic furniture.

Crown Sports Lockers

Functionality is Key – Are Your Offices/Staff Rooms Fit-for-Purpose?

Making physical changes to any office environment, is a great way to make your business a desirable workplace, and boost morale, whilst also looking aesthetically pleasing and professional. Installing new office lockers will decrease clutter, and therefore help to increase focus and productivity.

Office locker storage walls, not only provide a great storage solution, they can also be manufactured as mobile units – affording you the option of moving them to ‘zone off’ areas, if and when required.

The dynamic in office culture is constantly changing, and has recently seen a rise in flexible hours, hot-desking and working from home part-time. Working in this manner, requires employees needing to transport belongings to, and from work, more often. Ensuring that belongings can be stored away safely is paramount – not only with regards to security and insurance purposes, but also to maintain a clean and tidy office environment.

Whether you require office lockers, locker storage walls, hot-desk lockers, or storage solutions, contact the friendly team at Crown Sports Lockers, to discuss your requirements.

Crown Sports Lockers

Staff Lockers for Staff Rooms (in an environmentally friendly world)

Staff lockers or staff room lockers promote privacy by providing staff members with their own space. With the current drive in ‘environmentally friendly’ living, many employees are choosing to walk or ride a bike to work. Whilst this helps to reduce their carbon footprint, inclement weather conditions can result in wet, dirty clothing.

Improving workplace culture, by choosing Crown Sports Lockers to design, supply and fit staffroom lockers and locker room solutions, will give your staff a safe storage space to hang or store their clothes, whilst avoiding the smell of wet, sweaty clothing in the office, and doing your bit for the planet. As an FSC-accredited and ‘Made in Britain’ manufacturer, you can be safe in the knowledge that we only use sustainable-sourced timber for our products.

Here at Crown, we provide washroom solutions to complement your staff room lockers, and can create high-quality, bespoke commercial washrooms for any business sector. If you would like more information about staff room lockers or commercial washroom solutions, contact us, either via the contact form or by phone on 01803 555885.

Crown Sports Lockers

Our office locker and staff room solutions

Bench seating for staff rooms

office lockers - bench seating for staff rooms - crown-sports-lockers

Creating a comfortable environment in the office or staffroom can be achieved by adding furniture items, such as our bespoke bench seating.  We can create bench seating solutions for your office in a variety of forms, such as free-standing bench units – all dependent on your needs and requirements. Our staff room bench seating can be fully customised, with a variety of materials and finishes available, allowing them to blend into your staff room or office environment. Bench seating not only offers a level of comfort during breaks, but can increase employee loyalty and experience at work.


Washrooms for offices and staff rooms

We are true experts in creating commercial washrooms for office buildings and staff rooms, with many years of experience in going the extra mile for businesses. Whatever your requirements for an office or staff washroom, we deliver a room fully-suited to your employee requirements. Whether you are seeking a modest refit of existing facilities, or expanding to include items such as showers, you can be assured of receiving a knowledgeable and cost-effective solution.

Robe units for staff rooms

office lockers - staff lockers - staff room lockers - wooden office lockers - robe units - crown-sports-lockers

Improving clothes storage within offices and workplaces, is something that we excel in providing solutions for. Depending upon your industry, we can provide bespoke storage items such as robe units, all designed with practicality in mind, which will fit perfectly into any changing space. Items such as uniforms can be expertly stored, ready for use in a clean, organised and tidy manner for employees. As each office and workplace differs, we have built up a unique knowledge of creating bespoke staff room furniture over our years of trading.

Crown Sports Lockers

Additional information about our workplace & office locker projects

To find out more about how we at Crown Sports Lockers can help support you with office and staff room solutions, please contact us on 01803 555885, or email us via our contact form.


I was impressed with Crown’s professional approach

I was impressed with Crown’s professional approach throughout the project, visiting us two or three times, communicating promptly and fitting the whole job within a week with minimal disruption…

Carrington Power Station

Greater Manchester

Staff room project

Carrington Power Station

Office Lockers - Power Station - Crown Sports Lockers

Creating and installing some 60 full-length timber lockers in light oak – with “clean and dirty” compartments to hang day clothes and workwear.

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